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I try to find every possible revolution for the greater good

The Battleplan for Revolution


Welcome to!


I am a perfectibilist solutionist.

I have a post-modern, broad view of things,

and I have many customers. 

The entire WORLD screams: We had enough!

They don`t realize what they secretly want is: REVOLUTION!

Nor do they know how to get it!

I will teach revolution to 4 groups.


1 The anarchistic, hippie, socialist journalist.

2 The liberal, aspiring fashion model idol.

3 The nationalist aryan.

4 And the patriotic flaming Christian.


I have four solutions for you.

But I recommend the number one solution as of 2019.

Four sub-pages/organizations.

Find something you love, and GO for it!


1 The people`s army - which is for all.

2 The Reloveution,

3 the Societas Christi,

4 Christianity`s Revolution.



The two first are more New-Age, while Christianity is the opposite: Very orthodox.


The People`s Army is an inter-religious, multi-ethnic western-humanistic movement against the Illuminati`s monopoly on technology and knowledge. It`s an Army protecting the people from the state.

Watching the watchers. It is my best bet, and the only fight that matters.

I also believe it IS the only of the 4 revolutions that could plausibly work out. But I will remain a Christian idealist to my death. (which might not be too far away.)


I am a solutionist, and sell solutions. 

I also have books on interfaith, '

and inter-religious Abrahamism on other websites.

(which is what I TRULY burn for) 

But I hate it when the world is quiet, the men are pussies, 

and nothing happens...! 

A pond is much more fun to look at when you throw a rock in it.

I like wind, so I make sails.


But all-in-all.

This is a website about the greater revolution against the power-elite - into a free future of free, available technology for the masses.


Dedicated to the national-patriotic spirit of late Trevor James Constable.

Let`s get to work.


The need is for the populace of a pioneering nation like Norway to push for nano-age reformations in the branches of physics, pharma, medicine, psychology, etc and unity in opinions of politics and religion. That is the task given to Norway, or a pioneering, industrialized nation. The end-result will be a socialist nation of incredible wellfare due to the advancement in technology. That is why: If we are to create a revolution; our only option is the Red Army of the People.


The world needs revolution, and it can come through 1 Sexual Revolution, 2 Nationalist Revolution, 3 Religious Revolution, 4 Technological Revolution, 5 Political Revolution - dissatisfaction with lying politicians which ties with all of the above. This site aims at the technological revolution.



Operation Rivendel, and Humanity`s 8 Goals


A dream I have lies in merging the sun-religion of the Nordic Atlantis with Christianity. Why? Because both are sun religions, and the blonde Scandinavians are the children of the sun. More on this in my book: ¨God chose the aryan minority.¨ Ok. Perhaps that`s too far. But you can`t deny it! Jesus is a sun-god, and the New Testament is a continuation of the Egyptian sun-cult. This goes way back – all the way to Atlantis. Christians have the greatest religious legacy of all religions, but for the first time; Our balance is threatened! The moon-cult of Islam is on the march, and threaten the blonde sun-children of light and love.


If left alone: A native Norway would have evolved to a national-romantic renaissance, with strong unity, strong economy, low crime-rates, and possible a spiritual awakening in whatever form. Statistics prove I`m right. What will you do? We will fight, and we will prevail. We only loose if they break our will. As long as we have truth, the right, and the will to fight: Our Scandinavian dream can never die. I now come to you humbly as a prophet. I urge you to continue my dream as visionaries.


Jesus stands for all ethnicities (of course). But the battle for Christianity is fought over the dying natives in Scandinavia, and that is the most simple fact. If revival doesn`t break out in a time, and situation as this: It never will. The people have become gullible, apathic slaves. George Orwell`s 1984 is reality, and The world is forever lost.


As Christianity dies; the new Magus of Aquarian age rises: The law of love and light. It is a golden rule that whenever you start something new; take it all the way out. The future, and past will know I was right. Although I aim this book towards a western, and Scandinavian public, it is actually universal. Who can own the sun? It`s God`s son.


Operation Rivendell


I dream of a true church of the people! I dream of Light-houses (love and light-churches) in every city. Open 24/7. Feeding the poor. This is my dream of a lifetime. I dream of reaching the lost, starving, abused and needy! Drug abusers in particular, as I myself was a drug abuser, and they are a great resource.


My dream is seeing native blondes, and redheads cultivate their pride, and retake their homeland through protest; banding together to build villages like Rivendell in the Lord of The Rings.


As of now: Redheads, and blondes will die out. Why should Jews, and Muslims idolize their culture through fantasy-religion and not us elves? This is racism, and we are better, more beautiful spiritual, and intellectual. Our people could utilize hidden science like levitation, and free electricity to populate the warm, beautiful waterfall valleys of southern-inland Norway at an altitude of perhaps 500 meters.


I don`t know of another Rivendell candidate than Norway, considering the landscape, and it would be sad if such a beautiful thing only exists in fantasy-scape when it would be so easy to create in real-life. But the Jewish mafia kill people like me, and call me a racist. They want revenge for WW2, which they themselves arguably started. I am also a denier of the 6 billion lampshades theory. What Stalin, and Pol Pot did was much worse. Consider that Jews have historically been banned from 100 countries for conspiring against people, wealth, welfare and state.


Our 8 objectives:


Here I will name the objectives I see imperative for every enlightened perfectibilist. I have carried these dreams as a prophet for 16 years; ever since I was 10, and came back from YWAM at Kona Hawaii. It took me a lot of work to get through my personal shoah of these last 6 torturous years, and I present these objectives in 2018 more seriously to you now that I am weakened. May you fulfill what I could not. These objectives were nothing but mere dreams I carried as I felt lonely like an alien. For 6 years did I fight, and I leave it now to future generations. AWAKE! REPENT! REVIVE!


First we need a library with all important books of all topics established at once. I have started in my own home. The spectrum of Illuminati knowledge should be the broadest, most evolved in the religious world taken into account that it incorporates Judaism as well as all comparative Christ-myths from pagan religions. It is THE religion. It incorporates spirit-science, and at LEAST 5000 years of history. Our library should be like the extensive, secret Vatican library, only that we publish a lot. It`s time break down, and reveal the conspiracyreality: To win back God`s world; globalized through love and light.


1 Affecting politics with the goal of a supreme nation.


Today: There is no Christian, nor white nation in the world. There is no nation where Christians can feel safe. We decree through our common christian beliefs that the need for a complete, (Thomas Jefferson) ultra-liberalistic, fascist state. This is imperical in our belief of this last age, and for our survival as we live in the fulfillment of scripture.


I don`t want corrupt career politicians to decide my life! Do you? I want to be ruled by the proven, miracleworking saints! There are no totalitarian, Christian nation in the world, (aside from the Vatican) not to mention a single church with theology according to 1st century adherence to the Bible. While Islam has many with fascist Islamic states; we just watch politicians selling our own countries to Islam; having ruined our national declarations, and our very cross covered flag!


We appeal to all world powers; for they have left the sacred balance! We cry, and cannot sleep at night! Crying:


WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO OUR COUNTRY!? The Jews have their state. So do the muslims. Christians, and whites have no safe-place to hide, or cultivate our national-romance or identity! We are being massacred!


Examine religion first before siding with the obvious false one! Ah how we know we are the right. Muhammad won`t come to our borders, and change our true 5000 year old tradition through ¨revelations¨ of what we wrote as history 1400 years prior to ¨the prophet¨ rewriting it! We cannot take this anymore, and feel threatened both as Christians, greeks, Europeans, Vikings, humanists, anarchists, free men and westerners. We feel our religion, human-rights, human diversity, western culture, ethnicity, and our liberty is threatened by radical Islam. This cannot be dismissed as senseless fear.


2 Communities, survivalist villages, and hippie societies.


If we cannot revolutionize a country to our desire through revival of love and light, we will have to start small, comply to laws, and build a miniature version of our ethically homogenous communitaristic society of enlightenist perfectibilists. Ultraliberalistic and anarchistic as described in ¨Our ideal village¨. This will be our haven for a 1000 years of cultivating national-romantic and/or christian culture, soil and soul in a self-sufficient farm village with the saints as head.




We will focus on the law of love and light mission, religious science, new farming technology, free electricity, private schools, and society development of Heaven on Earth as an independent village-society experiment for a future model of the Utopian Kingdom of God: Our nation. Our core values will be based on enlightenist, humanistic ethics, and religion: To keep an anarchistic society safe. Religion, and science will be intimately connected, as they always have been; until the lies of satan`s replacement science came along. The Temple/Church will serve as judical institution, religious institution, police, military institution, school, and social wellfare centre for the elderly and disabled. Food will be shared to the weak, and to the priests among our community. It will work perfectly without crime, for all are humanists of the love light law.


It will be our miniature version of Eden where humans could live in peace with God and nature. We would obviously be called a ¨ new-age village of anarchists, radicals, hippies and geeks.¨ We want to create protective environments to cultivate their culture, soil and soul. We want educated men to write books on the crimes against our nations, and to recreate true history, science, and school curriculum for missionary outreach to civilize the rest of the world.


We will regroup in a village until we have all necessary proof, books, and educated men to release a global campaign of renaissance enlightenment. Amen to that!


Perhaps: When we have our private village, private school, and books documenting the crimes of the state: We will awaken the rising lion, the national patriots, and the Vikings of Scandinavia to peacefully dismantle the state for being Illuminati criminal, or crave out own borders.


My village would be Christian, but the same model can be adapted by all ideologies f.i Buddhists, Hindus, Viking pagans, and especially new-agers. All villages should cultivate it`s own food, have it`s own electricity and medicine as is possible today. What are we waiting for? We don`t need the state anymore. Private concerns please help me reach this idea!


We need to create villages for the protection of the graeco-roman-judeo-christian-western-humanistic cultures. We want villages with monastries, and beautiful gardens in secluded sacred places to last 1000 years! We want to cultivate the hidden valleys of beautiful Norway!


I also believe it is every human`s right to cultivate, and deify their ethnicity with fantasy and religion, and express their ethnic, religious, national, and cultural pride! A fantasy-scape where elves live in the mountainous Norway! Operation Rivendell. Or Alvarheim?


God has given us a wonderful opportunity to live in such a monetary blessed, and beautiful country! It`s time we use our wealth, intelligence, and not succumb to ignorance. Carve a future uopia for ourselves. OUR space. OUR dreamworld. The world revival will start in Norway! Run with it Aquarian pitcher of knowledge, and the Light`s torch of flame!


That was a bit too long. Part 3.


3 The Lighthouses.


My dream is having a Center of love and light in EVERY city. Not necessarily religious, but perhaps more interfaith. Why? Because the world needs teachings of love and light to unite as a whole. The world needs heroes, and I will make a hero out of you. 


Outreach-centers functions as roman forums, AND socialist welfare in every city of the world. This is one example of ultra-liberalistic socialism. Private actors can do better socialism than the corrupt state.! Why should the corrupt state have monopoly on social welfare when they only sell drugs made for agenda 21??? Our centers stand for true spiritual, mental and physical health. With alternative medicine, and alternative treatments. In a liberal state: The people have rebellion as option against a corrupt concerns. In a police-state like Norway; you can`t rebel because the police are already Illuminati CRIMINALS.


These Outreach Centers will be open 24/7, and serve all citizens in need of physical, mental, and spiritual health. Love, food, care, sleep and protection. We are demonstrating the Aquarian code of love and light as responsible private actors for a warmer, more stable, friendly world, and to ensure enlightenment. It will be a center for love, light, life, and joy in the community they are part in. We seek be THE socialist forum for renaissance revolution, enlightenment, art, and exchange of ideas in every town. We build our vision upon the forums of ancient Rome, and Greece as we will focus on the cultivation of philosophy, talents, music, and art. We will arrange open microphone debates, and discussion of all political issues, societal topics, philosophies and religions. All should be welcome to these centers.


Aside from the police. They would seize our healing equipment. Just kidding.



4 Spirit science. A disclosure of technology.


All sciences of all scholarly fields must be rewritten from medicine to physics to art, music, and everything in between. I fear the TESLA knowledge I have will be lost forever. I call forth an alliance of state officials, agents, whistleblowers, teachers, doctors, and scientists to unite. Our goal is a disclosure on secret technology. Evil monopoly`s make money from keeping technology hidden. Technology that could save lives. The only way to unite the people, and make them rebel today: Is through convincing them that they are not happy through exposing the lies of science, the pharmaceutical companies, and the industry in general.


We need a Hospital/University of Spiritual Healing, and a Institute of etheric Science and herbal, alternative Medicine. How is it that herbs who have been used as medicine for eternity now has become ¨alternative¨, and artificial chemicals are the norm? If nature has a problem: Nature has a way to solve it. Always: Through intelligent design.


We have the flat-earth, the Fibonacci sequence, the source-field-theory, near-death-experiences and miracles. It should not be hard to prove the etheric nature of the world, rewrite physics, and connect spiritualism with religion as they used to be connected through all human history. A 21st century renaissance!


We will rewrite physics, and destroy the conspiracy of science. Science, history, etc has become a religion with opinion ruled by the elite masons, Satanists and liars. We will destroy Darwin`s theory of Evolution with the Source Field theory. We will discover fusion energy, Tesla antigravity-levitation, water-fueled cars, the Joe Cell, and much more.


Religion, education, and science was intertwined until the renaissance. How is it possible that religion (which is only scientific hypothesis, or even superstition) is allowed to exist without undergoing the scientific method, and humanistic-validation like any other field/school/thought when we live in the 21st century? One should have thought we had come further, but medieval doctrines of primarily Judaism, and Islam still ruin equality, freedom of speech, and kill many due to un-certified forms of faith that is in reality medieval superstition.


We are Christians and Romans, and want to recreate the ancient world through renaissance. The forums. The temples... Perhaps some scalar-force-field pyramids, fusion-reactors, and new hospitals for curing cancer, and all disease? You don`t have to look further than into Royal Raymond Reiss frequency technology. And that was almost 90 years ago! Also. Why is it that the New-Age movement is at the forefront in everything while Christians are way behind in both science, politics, alternative media and disclosure? New Age exposes conspiracies, the alien agenda, the depopulation agenda 21, the lies of the scientific religion, and covers new physics, spirit science, free energy, levitation, mass-conscience, the matrix reality, and much more: While Christians do nothing! Nothing whatsoever. Not ONE thing.


I recommend reading the works of David Wilcock, and watching his Wisdom Teachings on


The goal is solving every problem in medicine, starvation, disease, and provide all Earth with all the sustainable technology they need. The path to world unity lies in exposing the cabal: Our common enemy, and forming a one world on the principles of love and light; the scientific religion all can agree upon.


Spiritual, liberal, and scientific breakthroughs of humanity should have been encouraged by the Vatican if she was not the false whore Circe of revelations which she is. We will do the job with out spirit science hospital.


The age-old question of which religion is true shall FINALLY be answered by science available today!


As our spirit-science discoveries advance: We need a public disclosure of the reality of the Hell conspiracy quickly before any more souls are lost! This is a Hellish game we have played; irresponsible as we are human children of God. The Hell conspiracy is the oldest, and largest conspiracy. Compared to it; all other conspiracies are just branches. We must disclose this through scientific evidence of the spiritual realm.


5 Our own private schools!


I would love to be a teacher! I have always loved children. And for that we need a liberal state. This should be easy to accomplish. Jews in America are smarter than us because they attend private schools, and learn true history in synagogues. Norway is but a compartmentalized corporation. Anyways..


Our schools will have our own TRUE curriculum`s of religion, reality, history, physics, art, music, geometry and math; for the procreation of a universal educational reform of history, and scientific theories whence our schooled children enter the world with knowledge of TRUTH; all the world will revolt, and want our knowledge in their schools. A global awakening renaissance is thus guaranteed. Why? Because the children would be on fire! Learning about intelligent design in nature, geometry, math, and how music, resonance, and all science, and physics are in essence spiritual/magical in nature is like superman on steroids!


We can f.i have private schools at summer camps! Boy, I`d be a happy kid if I grew up in one of these. Beautiful Norway! I have seen these camps in future timeline dreams, and visions all my life since I was 14! My Christian friends from back then can testify. We can start with a summer-school, or summer camps, and rent a campsite. Within 50 years; I see a hippie revival swarming around Norwegian campsites like pylons of light!


6 Alternative media.


Is the a most important mission. To affect opinion, and politics through media in all it`s forms, and prove our alternative spirit-science!


To make the people realize mainstream media is a fictional view of reality. Also to give them knowledge about hidden technology so they realize they are not happy; even though they have tablets and Iphones.


When they realize their daughter could have been cured for cancer: They will rebel. Or else: They won`t rebel unless they are starving, or loose their nation and rights. Which they are. The world ecology, and western ethnicity, and culture is dying. Things we take for granted like easter-holidays, Christmas, etc might not last more than 100 years. And that is a very short time!!!


7 Worldwide unity.


How do we achieve this? Through our common, western, graeco-roman-judeo-christian HUMANISM, and all the values Europe stand for. Human rights founded upon the Bible. Not through sharia. Not through Nietzscheism, or survival of the fittest. Only through the abovementioned morale of love and light as defined in my books on the subject.


Worldwide unity? Mankind is inherently religious, and searching for truth. Whence we establish ONE perfectibilist, enlightenist community of future Tesla-etheric scientists, and scientific-religious truthers: Privatly schooled fanatics of the love-light revolution renaissance: This culture once established will spread. For mankind will continue to evolve without balance until factual, global truths are established as a foundation for all society.


8 Peace on Earth!



After we have validified the only true religion through the scientific method, and united the body of global citizen brotherhood; we finally accomplish the single-most important goal of all: Forcing the satanic elite to stand trial for their crimes! To do this we must first expose the Illuminati as the criminals they are to create a universal non-tolerance to their illegal activities of murder, and global control.


Satanism; that just seeks to ruin everything is one reed. And then you have the question of Israel. Jews.


My book ¨Jesus, and the ritual of the cross explained¨ is the very KEY to reaching the Jews, and should be used to great success. Jews believe there can never be world peace unless their messiah rules us from Israel. Christian humanism is the antidote to both Judaism and Islam. This is why Judaism is always at the core of every conspiracy. For they seek to destabilize, and ruin every land they come to for their own benefit, except Israel. These are historical, and present day facts. I say peace comes only when the Jews bow to Jesus; their messiah who HAS come. Or else: Jews will conspire, and ruin nations until their King Messiah arrives. And ONLY then will they conspire to create (the illusion) of peace in the world.


What do we do about Israel? Well! We cannot end them, and would never succeed in doing so anyways; even if we tried persuading them with love and light! But we will try. What we CAN do is what I already told you: Embrace the Noahide laws/humanistic concepts, and ACCEPT abrahamism (particularly judeo-christian historic-cultural tradition) as the universal history, and universal baseline culture upon which all other cultures can flourish.


Yes. I am serious. THAT is the only option, and it`s not half-bad.


Peace on Earth? You mean ending poverty, disease and starvation?


We will do this through love and light: True knowledge, and enlightenment to educate, civilize, convert, and create a global renaissance leading to global happiness, and everlasting utopia circus on Earth through graeco-roman-judeo-christendom`s western-humanistic morale, human-rights, and the Aquarian law of Light. We will accomplish this either in utopian socialism, or rather in utopian Christian theocracy; if all goes according to plan.


Links Vital information regarding cancer-treatment, alternative energy, alternative history, and David Wilcock`s Wisdom Teachings are to be found at David Wilcock`s books, and research is the hope for the future. Buy the Source Field Investigations. The only true political party in Norway. PDK, and all the right-wings doesn`t count. They support Zionism. The only true newsagency in Norway. A Viking-patriotic norwegian movement. The only true newsagency in America.


My youtube site. Check out some awesome playlists. :p