Revolution Renaissance!

I try to find every possible revolution for the greater good of Europe

The Battleplan for Revolution


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Welcome to!!!

I am a perfectibilist solutionist.

I have a post-modern, broad view of things,

and I have many customers. 

The entire WORLD screams: We had enough!

They don`t realize what they secretly want is: REVOLUTION!

Nor do they know how to get it!

I will teach revolution to 3 groups.


1 The anarchistic, hippie, socialist journalist.

2 The liberal, aspiring fashion model idol, and New-Ager.

3 The nationalist patriot.

4 The aryo-Luciferian (Societas Christi - House of Helel)

5 The patriotic flaming Christian.

6 And 6, the Antichrist Horus Avenger against whore-religion.


I have six solutions for you.

But I recommend the number one solution as of 2019.

6 sub-pages/organizations.

Find something you love, and GO for it!


1 The people`s army - which is for all.

2 The Reloveution World Religion - an addition  to the people`s army

3 National-romantic revolution,

4 Religious national-revolution,

5 Christianity`s Revolution - my main bulk of work and passion.

6 Emolution. Massive protests against Christ-trafficking clones of the Turin-Shroud as expressed on

The first pages are more New-Age, while Christianity, and the latter is the opposite: Very conservative. The last page containst the most attrocious acts humans ever did.

The People`s Army is an inter-religious, multi-ethnic western-humanistic movement against the Illuminati`s monopoly on technology and knowledge. It`s an Army protecting the people from the state.

Watching the watchers. It is my best bet, and the only fight that matters.

I also believe it IS the only of the 4 revolutions that could plausibly work out. But I will remain a Christian idealist to my death. (which might not be too far away.)


I am a solutionist, and sell solutions. 

I also have books on interfaith, '

and inter-religious Abrahamism on other websites. 

But I hate it when the world is quiet, the men are pussies, 

and nothing happens...! 

A pond is much more fun to look at when you throw a rock in it.

I like wind, so I make sails.

I am a solutionist...

But all-in-all.

This is a website about the greater revolution against the power-elite - into a free future of free, available technology for the masses.

That`s my main point. We need to WAKE UP!!!

The need is for the populace of a pioneering nation like Norway to push for nano-age reformations in the branches of physics, pharma, medicine, psychology, etc and unity in opinions of politics and religion. That is the task given to Norway, or a pioneering, industrialized nation. The end-result will be a socialist nation of incredible wellfare due to the advancement in technology. That is why: If we are to create a revolution; our only option is the Red Army of the People.

The world needs revolution, and it can come through 1 Sexual Revolution, 2 Nationalist Revolution, 3 Religious Revolution, 4 Technological Revolution, 5 Political Revolution - dissatisfaction with lying politicians which ties with all of the above. This site aims at the technological revolution.

(And emolution) .... ... ... Please remember me ... ... ... Thank you.

- John Ridderstedt

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