Revolution Renaissance Norway

And Nordic Native Reserve. I every possible option to save western humanism and biodiversity, protecting the rarest, dying platinumblonde natives.

Revolution Renaissance! Welcome to the New Earth Nation!

Learn from Sacha Stone, Thomas Joseph Brown, Michael Tellinger, Leo Zagami, Harry Rhodes and miself to earn yourself a future!

A New Hope!

Welcome to!!!

This site is not affiliated with the band with the same name.

Here I will go in detail about the conspiracy,

and ALL alternate revolutions possible,

for a better future for all of us,

through links to the best books of all time,

particularily for the embatteled EUROPE and SCANDINAVIA.

I am a perfectibilist solutionist.

And the biggest national-patriot in Norway.

The entire WORLD screams: We had enough!

They don`t realize what they need is: REVOLUTION!

Nor do they know how to get it!

We CAN end the money system! 

We CAN live in villages with free electricity!

We can create the world`s first free nation!

I hope you read some of my books. 

There is so much to learn...


This is a website about the greater revolution against the power-elite - into a free future of free, available technology for the masses.

That`s my main point. We need to WAKE UP!!!

This site is meant to educate Christian nationalists, and nationalists in general to the HORRIBLE crimes of a global financial syndicate called the Illuminati.

The need is for the populace of a pioneering nation like Norway to push for nano-age reformations in the branches of physics, pharma, medicine, psychology, etc and unity in opinions of politics and religion. That is the task given to Norway, or a pioneering, industrialized nation. One light can light up the world. All conspiracy realists must focus ALL on ONE nation!


Friendly sites - The only reliable news-agency. Vital information regarding cancer-treatment, alternative energy, alternative history, and David Wilcock`s Wisdom Teachings are to be found at David Wilcock`s books, and research is the hope for the future. Buy the Source Field Investigations.

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