Revolution Renaissance!

The Christian branch of the Norwegian Alliansen party

No war for the expansion of the globalist Rothschild dynasty! No war for oil! No war for profit! No war against Christians! No war against whites!

Humanity is at war!

An Illuminati poison has seeped into the Church, the government, and our Christian lands are in peril! We need a Christian reformation revival revolution renaissance in in all sciences, and levels of society today - because a good foundation for the future can only come through ethical unity based on universal truth proven by science - the language of today! Christianity must be the first to undergo the scientific method and validate itself! After we have united people from all levels of society, and institutions under our Christian banner, we will reed out the poisonous virus that has infected the west, and it`s people. Please read my books on revolution, and my eight-step plan. We are European-patriotic, and Christian patriotic anti-Zionist Christians of the replacement theology. I am a neo-charismatic Christian myself, and believe that is the new wave. We only need perfectibilists! We are the inter-denominational Christians of the true 1stcentury faith. We act as God`s hand on Earth: For enlightenment, and reform in all scholarly fields. We are for a revolution of love and light. We are multi-national, multi-ethnic, non-racist, and non-supremacist. We are anarchistic, anti-statist, conspiracy-theorists, and Anonymous, and Knights Templar are the only other organizations speaking hope and truth (in all the world). Our code is love and light. Will you join? If you feel called to join, you undertake a lifelong oath to truth, and non-compromise to evil: With only perfection, and utopia as accepted future options. As of now: Nobody has joined. But I won`t give up EVER!!! Remember: 12 disciples changed the world!


We need a reformation revival revolution renaissance in in all sciences, and levels of society today - because a safe foundation for a future warm society can only come through ethical unity based on universal truths proven by science - the language of today! Which is love and light. Some serpents hide under the guise of ¨judaism¨, and say whiteness is racial supremacy, and that the world can only be peaceful - one - through racial homogenity, because ethics will fail. Wrong. Conspiracy is the circle of hatred, not beauty of difference. And Babylon is forbidden by the Bible. Hatred rules the world, and loss of Heaven creates conspiracy. Judaism also creates conspiracy. When conspiracy is done away with; the world can be one. Noel Ignatiev is WRONG.


New-Age science, and TRUE science of the spiritual contradicts modern ¨science¨ which has become a ¨scientific religion.¨ Our school curriculum are not ¨theories¨, but wrong hypothesis. Religion is only belief, and science must reform. As religion, and science historically walked hand in hand; Christianity must be the first to undergo the scientific, philosophical, and humanistic validation test to be the spiritual backbone of new physics: To do away with the religion of history, science, and create a TRUE curriculum for future generations. Every person is responsible for changing the world, as everyone has the possibility though the internet.


What we see is that New-Age is fore-running Christianity in spiritual evolution, exposing conspiracy, zionist globalist jewry, and state-cover-up of spirit-science, and technology that could save the world if exposed. I will teach you how to awaken the masses later.


Break the abovementioned circle of hatred which leads to conspiracy, and secrecy. Break it through enlightenment/light and love/morale. This is our common human conduit of the Alliance. The law of the universe which you can read about in my book. The world cannot be one through homogenous ethnicities, only homogenous ethics, and our western-humanist values are the only safe foundation. Judaism, and Islam is our enemy, the natural anti-thesis to the west.


To awaken the masses, and accomplish disclosure of secret technology, knowledge, medicine etc; We must do our job in media. School curriculums must be rewritten. An alliance of alternative scientists, conspiracy-theorists, and hippies must be formed in a ultra-liberalist anarchistic village colony in the beautiful valleys of Norway as described in my book Christianity`s Revolution of Independence! There we will have our enlightened private-schools, free electricity, and media broadcast. If we have ONE true, Biblical society: We have won, because when light is lit; all worldwide darkness will fade.


This has been my dream since I was as young as I can remember. God would take me to the future, and show me all these villages I created. How come religion is allowed to exist while not undergoing the scientific method, and validating itself? After all the people it`s killed! And we will discover: There is only one God, and all Abrahamic religions worship him.


After we have united people from all levels of society, and institutions under our multi-religious common banner of Love and Light, we will reed out the poisonous virus that has infected the west, and it`s people. Please read my books, and my eight-step plan in my book ¨Revolution¨. Stay blessed.


It should not be too hard to take back power to the people. The Illuminati cancer has taken over our economy, media, government, and ruin our lands from within. All we need to do is get hippies, and conspiracy-theorists together with knowledge and books.


1. Unite in families, and study-groups of love and light (morale and enlightenment/science).Cooperate to discover all conspiracies, secrets, truths, and technology hidden.


2. Start everything you can from businesses, schools, to think tanks, to wellfare organizations to spread, and hoard the knowledge of truth. You must promote interest in hidden knowledge, and start unofficial private-schools. Exposing the state-virus Illuminati`s monopoly on knowledge, and taking back knowledge/power must be the current zeitgeist of this, and future generations. Organizations I applaud are anarchistic anti-state non-corrupt, non-compromise organizations like the Anonymous movement, and the Knights Templar International. I can think of no others. All right-wing political parties in Norway support Israel. We only have ONE political option. The Alliance of Norway. And may God bless Trump to strengthen American economy.


3 I have no other goal than victoriously singing, dancing, and parading the streets in rebellion having liberated the minds of the people, and given them truth; uniting all sectors of society for a coup-d-etat. This is the only solution. Why? For no other goal than utopia is worth living for. Create the idea of a society so good - a golden age of religious, humanistic, and technological breakthroughs SO great it will set the template for ALL the world to infinity. We need this! I form an idea so good it`s completion is unaviodable. This should not be too hard. We only have to give Christianity`s Jesus to New-Age movement, and give New-Age science to Christianity, and make the latter see the truth about the Jews. YOU must do this.


The current generation has no cause of rebellion, because for the first time in history; they do not feel oppressed, and live relatively happily. This is an illusion. The Illusion of Happiness. Evil jewish globalists, and Illuminati think-tanks conspire of Agenda 21 to destroy us! Raise your fists in defiance to technocracy oligarchy which is despotism! Secrecy is despotism! The state is a freemasonic, jewish Illuminati soul-tax farm of false career politicians setting the political norm in service for the court of the racist, jewish masonic, and satanic King! Exposing the state-virus Illuminati`s monopoly on knowledge, and taking back knowledge/power must be the current zeitgeist of this, and future generations. Globalism started in Rome, and in Israel, separately, and has now come together under the umbrella of the Illuminati because of a common goal: Satanic New World Order. Satanic Jews, and Satanic Catholic orders like the Jesuits control the world. What? They control the world??? Yes. Satanists, and secret societies started the French revolution, and built the current educational system. They created the science of religion. Karl Marx was a jew. They created the political system. They own media. They are taking from you your nation, your nationality, your Europe, your culture, your religion, your freedom, your rights, your knowledge, your medicine, and pollute the air with chemtrails!


Books on Illuminati crimes against humanity, the lies of the ¨scientific religion¨; the hidden technologies TAKEN from us; must be FERRORICOUSLY written about on internet, in books, and in newspapers with GREAT rebellion and HUGE anger by ALL our members if we are to succeed! And we will. Non-tolerance against politicians will be the new social norm when they are exposed to the secrets they hide.


Technology that could cure cancer, and end world suffering is being kept by a satanic elite whose plan you can read about: Google Illuminati 21 goals. Google Alice Bailey`s plan. Remember: We are the last agency of humanity. Cannabis, and a healthy diet can cure cancer. We must make the people REALIZE they`re unhappy. Burst their illusion of happiness.


Here is a plan. Start with 2-4 agents infiltrating different political parties, and sectors of society... When you gain ground; unite all factions you have infiltrated under the banner of either the ALLIANCE, or simply HUMANITY. Shed religious, and social differences. Unite as ¨we are one!¨ ¨We are legion!¨ Do clever stuff, and start the revolution. The Flat Earth Theory, and hidden technology will be PIVOTAL for our success, and in reeding out weed from wheat. Those who deny the facts are secret masonic Jews. Flat Earth proof often show who is bought, and who is free.


History shows the only way to incite revolution is either through starvation or suffering. We must make people realize they are SUFFERING, or they will never awake. Exposure and disclosure is the goal.


We are currently living under a global dictatorship that prevents them from being happy, and conquering disease, cancer, starvation and poverty. A conspiracy of state, bankers, investors, and mega-corporations destroy America, Europe, and the Christian-Hellenistic human values. They do nothing to create a better world. They ruin Africa, and keep them in poverty when so much could easily be done. They ruin America`s economy.


Exposing secret technology will work to great effect on all classes, religions and ethnicities: Uniting them ALL through something as simple as this: Everyone wants to be happy, and we are not happy when we know the TRUTH. Love/morale, Light/truth and Technology will be quintessential for revolution. The goal of much of the New-Age movement is a disclosure on technology, and hidden truths. This MUST be adopted by Christianity, and the lion will roar. As responsible Christians, we shout: Disclosure on technology!


The entire state of school curriculums, false history, false physics, etc, must be reformed! It`s only based on lies of the satanic religion!


The newspapers, and politicians will HAVE to change opinion, and serve the PEOPLE. A people united with the aim of being the HAPPIEST! For remember: Only utopia is acceptable; with the technology we have today.


Creating a warm, social society of equality, peace through love. And technology, cures, care, and solutions to every world problem through light. This is possible with the information age of the internet. It is possible for the first time in history! And YOU are it`s creator! We need a revolution renaissance. Utopia - the golden age of a modern Davidic reign is possible, and I am his descendant! WE should rule politicians, NOT the other way around.


Regroup with me, and start families, and study-groups of reloveution; of love and light in every country! Do EVERY step to make CERTAIN they get exposed. Or else; you are a coward.

The military which is comprised of ordinary people will be our greatest tool in dismantling the state to create my governing model described in my book on Revolution. Jews own media, banks, industry, and politics. But the civilians, and army are waking up: Not wanting to fight for jewish profit anymore! This Alliance will CRUSH the Illuminati, and dismantle the American state! The greatest trials of criminals in history will follow with thousands of Illuminati members paying the ultimate prize. We will GET these lizards OUT!


Be MEN and FIGHT the Jews who want you DEAD. Or you can die in your bed - a long time from now. Would you be willing to give up all your slave-life to travel back in time: TO TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOM! For they can take our lives, but not our FREEDOM!


Infiltrate every level of society, and a golden age of flying cars, and eternal life will be possible. Jews are not the chosen people! You cannot be a Christian, or messianic Jew, and still support Jewry. Christianity is the anti-thesis to Judaism! For all people are equals through Jesus; not only 1%!


We will make a public outcry. Make banners today! Spread love, and light today! Unite the people tomorrow, and march the streets at the end of the week! Or die as a slave.


I am the Alliance (Alliansen) is a minor norwegian political party that is an umbrella for revolutionaries that supported the Trump campaign, and is against the political norm. Go out in parades of love and light, and never stop spreading the teachings of unity through common human ethics! Love and light! :)


Every Jew shares the common belief that peace cannot come except when Israel rules the world. This is a racial-imperialistic CANCER. Every Jew believe heathens go to Hell anyways, so the Talmud states that taking the property, money, and rights from heathens is accepted.


As I said. Christianity is the anitidote to Judaism, and the ONLY goal Christianity has is Christianizing the Jews. Read my book ¨What Jesus did on the Cross¨ on if interested. Israel is statistically the only racist state on Earth; with laws, and regulations to ensure Jewish supremacy. They are waring the rest of us; at war with humanity and use no ends to attain global dominance through secrecy. That is their twisted version of ¨peace¨. How many wars have they started? They were behind the French revolution, the Illuminati, communism, the Russian revolution, and financed two world wars. Every muslim knows this.


They believe they are God`s chosen people to bring about peace, and rule the world as they see themselves are superior to others through selective breeding, and poisoning the rest. We, the goyim want the golden age for OURSELVES, and don`t believe you RACIST jews are ¨God`s chosen people!¨ I believe Jesus was the messiah! We won`t let you jews enslave us in an illusion of peace while taking all technology from us to rule us like slaves! An age of peace, and futuristic technology is right ahead! We want no more jewish-sponsored wars!


The enemy of humanity is REAL. FIGHT while the internet is still not censored. Write books ferrociously! Everyone has the human responsibility of writing truth in this age of the Internet: The first age of free information. If not: They you are an enemy to human evolution. EVERY person has the SOLE responsibility of saving ALL the Earth. That is the sole truth. Why? Because it is possible. If you are going to win: You must scream LOUD, and do it NOW. I recommend you start your journey at - search for Wisdom Teachings by David Wilcock, and order his book ¨Source Field Investigations.¨ Please consider reading through the content on this website, or my other websites. Spread the law of love and light.