Revolution Renaissance!

I try to find every possible revolution for the greater good of Europe

My GRRRRR book series!


The Great Romantic Revival Reformation Revolution Renaissance!

Perhaps you should stop praying to the clouds,

and read my books instead!

This sub-page is a part of Illuminated Ministries. (Illumination Ministries)

Also called 1stcenturyministries.

But all books can be read from a very normal Christian perspective.

For they are written from a neo-charismatic perspective.


And btw: Pagans are crypto-(Jewish) globalists, 

like the pagan royals, the Bushes, the OTO, and Bohemian Grove.

The enemy risks race, nation,- all to destroy Christian Europe.

Christianity is their enemy, and they risk all to destroy her.

Then they will destroy Islam with atheism, New-Age and Paganism.

The Middle-East will be a glass crater by then, and paganism, and

hinduism will remain, along with a negroid, pagan, european race 

with an IQ score of 90. Just enough to be able to function.


I am the absolutionist. I am here to help people, 

and bring CIVILIZATION to the ends of the Earth.

Through FACTS. Through SCIENCE. NO compromise.


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The God Reality - Proof of God through Science!

This is the first book in the Great Romantic Revival Reformation Revolution Renaissance book series. Or GRRRRR. I delve into ontological and philosophical arguments for creationism, before discovering alternative physics of the Source-Field through Reichian science, to prove evolution started from microscopic bions in a theory of Source-Field evolution Dr. James DeMeo calls ¨bion biogenesis¨. I talk about my own experiences with dimensions, Orgonite, Source, Ether, Orgone, Vril, my black night of the soul, and determine how energy is sexual in nature, based on Dr. Wilhelm Reich. I touch upon sacred geometry, the platonic solids, the Fibonacci sequence, ¨Ivan Panin`s numerology in scripture¨, the Flat-Earth theory, and proof of spontaneous healing. I end with the discovery of a New Scientific inter-religious law, and a conclusion that Satanism is physically, spiritually, and philosophically dead.

Reformation of Christianity - beliefs

This is a beautiful epitome of (conservative) neo-charismatic theology, and another one-of-a-kind must read for the spiritual Christian practitioner. It represents my personal messianic-christian beliefs, and the road I think the neo-charismatic movement should take for the future. It is a powerful reformative book made with much study, and revelation from Jesus. You will find answer to everything surrounding the Christian life like f.i God`s true name(s), the question about sex before marriage, tradition, church-life, church-structure, lost tribes, evangelizing, personal prayer, worship, and philosophy - you name it - is all answered in this mega-book.

Jesus, Lucifer, and the ritual of the Cross explained

Here I explain Christ`s identity from the mazzaroth, birthchart, pyramidal prophecies, pagan prophecies, and biblical prophecies: To discover all the occult secrets of Jesus left behind by the 1stcentury church - never revealed before in litterature, as we delve deeper into the renaissance of Christianity. To be able to explain Christ`s identity; I also had to visit, and schoolarly clarify the Lucifer figure, who God is, and compare Christ to Lucifer. Is Jesus Lucifer?

The Secrets of John`s Revelations

If talking about blockbusters; this must be the greatest of all time. Here you have for the first time in history: All of Revelation FINALLY explained from a master perspective with ALL prominant interpretations that are vital for a Christian to understand in our time: Shattering the myth, and mystery of Revelations FOREVER! Thus it reveals some of (the Vatican) Christianity`s darkest, and oldest secrets, and is thus a true book for REFORMATION against the beast-whore Church. I also give away secrets like f.i Jesus birth, and clues to his return. But most of the book will take you through ALL possible antichrist-figures, and discover the mind-blowing truth about what 666, the Great Whore of Babylon, and who the two beast are!!!

The Testament of Johan Ridderstedt

I also have a little (personal) testament which I compiled together for a first edition. Because I thought you would find the parables very beautiful, as I have an eye for truth I inherited from God. :) I also must say I am NOT Jesus.

The Kingdom of God - Christianity`s Revolution of Independence - My Main Manifesto

Yes. A religious, and technological revolution, and disclosure of the Illuminati`s crimes is coming to awaken the Christian world! Our success rate will be 200%! This is not about race or color. This is about souls, freedom, justice against the Illuminati, and the future of the Earth.

Have you ever considered that you Christians are spiritual Israelites that deserve your own nation? As of now we have only Russia, perhaps Poland, and a few countries in South America that publically state they are Christian nations; but no real Christian nation in the way Israel is a jewish nation, or Saudi Arabia is an Islamic nation. I say that these two are in many way FASCIST states, and there is nothing wrong with that. Fascism just means that one opinion, race or religion is superior to others. They just want to protect themselves. China is f.i in many way a fascist atheistic country. But a CHRISTIAN state???

Have courage, and start dreaming! But the west has somehow lost the guts, and priveledge to rebellion alongside freedom of speech, and human rights because of Islam.

In the future Europe I prophecy: Unite, strategize, emmigrate, and rebel for the protection, and preservation of ONE Christian state in Europe. That`s why I sing: Raise up an army from these dead bones like in the Song of Ezekiel by Paul Wilbur! Halleluja!

I want a liberal-economic, neo-charismatic-Christian, anti-Illuminati democratic state with a government of saints for Christmas.

Only a traditional-ultra-liberalistic (not modern liberalism), neo-charismatic (fascist) Christian state with a government of saints will do.

A state of Christian: Politics, media, hospitals, military, police, schools, and social wellfare. Where people are treated with love. Where the children are taught about REAL technology, (like Reich`s theory of evolution, and sacred geometry - God`s fingerprint) and the CRIMES of the satanic Illuminati at SCHOOL. Where Einstein`s physics is THROWN away, and Tesla`s physics build flying machines, and hydrogen power-plants! Where the state builds HUGE monuments, and Churches for Christ.

Yes. That is God`s will. As in the song: ¨I hear the voice of the prophet; preparing the nation for war!¨ Raise up an army. Raise up an army. Raise up an army. From these dead bones! We will win! Amen! By starting private schools, and teaching truth. By starting hospitals, and curing cancer patients. By organizing, and building 50 cars that run on water.

We will win! We will WIN! When we only have ONE society of true religion and science! All will be lit! One tiny light expells all darkness, and the world built on the lies of the Illuminati will crumble. Everyone will want our system, religion and technology. That`s why a Christian Tesla village in Norway is so important. (Like the one in Croatia.) God spoke to me about this since my early teens.

And no. I`m not an extremist, or at least not an activist. I am a targeted individual. I suffer from satanic extremism in the hospital, and the police who experiment on unwilling citizens of the CIA Mk-Ultra program. And that`s a fact. I am very very peaceful. Source, love and light is my motto. But I have teeth, and I can biteif Norway clones, and rapes me.


The Wisdom of All Golden Ages, and the ontological, metaphysical law of Source, Love and Light.


Discover the groundbreaking news! The metaphysical law of love and light! Don`t shun your head, and don`t miss out this one!   This is the follow-up to Jesus, and the ritual of the cross explained. It`s main goal is to discover how the world will be free from sin when the global Heavenly Kingdom arrive, and all are Christian. While most of my work is conservative; I made this to balance myself out a little. This book is not a part of official 1stcenturyministires theology. This work is about the relativity of sin taken into context through a ¨new gospel¨ of love and light. See it as a Christmas present. I originally called it An Ode to the Sun and Morningstar. I take you on a personal journey through philosophical, and inter-religious revelations about love and light. The summary of the book is how I discover a unified law for scientific, religious, and philosophical schools in which all the world can unite. (A humanistic code for the greater good.) Although I was hesitant to post this due to fear of herecy, this is a must read, and will greatly enhance your life with joy! Recommended only for those who have obtained salvation with a firm faith, and relationship to Christ. Only for the purpose of reasoning, philosophy, and study; not to be preached as ¨some new religion.¨ Thank you so much.