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Here I will go in detail about the conspiracy,

and ALL alternate revolutions possible,

for a better future for all of us,

through links to the best books of all time,

particularily for the embatteled EUROPE and SCANDINAVIA.

I am a perfectibilist solutionist.

And the biggest national-patriot in Norway.

The entire WORLD screams: We had enough!

They don`t realize what they need is: REVOLUTION!

Nor do they know how to get it!

We CAN end the money system! 

We CAN live in villages with free electricity!

We can create the world`s first free nation!

I hope you read some of my books. 

There is so much to learn...


This is a website about the greater revolution against the power-elite - into a free future of free, available technology for the masses.

That`s my main point. We need to WAKE UP!!!

This site is meant to educate Christian nationalists, and nationalists in general to the HORRIBLE crimes of a global financial syndicate called the Illuminati.

The need is for the populace of a pioneering nation like Norway to push for nano-age reformations in the branches of physics, pharma, medicine, psychology, etc and unity in opinions of politics and religion. That is the task given to Norway, or a pioneering, industrialized nation. One light can light up the world. All conspiracy realists must focus ALL on ONE nation!



Having grown up traumatized and frozen, seeing the downfall of the Church, I eagerly arose against overwhelming Christian apathy to determine and defend the survival of the Christian faith as examplified in my books, which are best in religious Earth history by far...

By early spring 2020, my long distress with Biblical impossibilities and the Abrahamic idea of God came to an end with the discovery of Anatoly Fomenko and alternative history which discredits the validity of the Bible due to lack of sense, racial-imperialistic war-mongering, and it`s lack of credibility, being there are no early manuscripts, with the few manuscripts out there being fraudulant, e.g ¨the dead sea scrolls¨.

Religion has caused rivers of blood and needs a final push off the cliff before mankind realize they have wings: For the purpose of reason, religion must partially die, for a time, allowing new prophets to arise in an age where the religious texts are laughed at, truth is not relative, and there is no belief: Only science as religion is reduced to science.

How? Remember: The miracles of yesterday is today`s science. There is nothing that cannot be scientifically explained, even spirit e.g check the ¨Source Field Investigations by D. Wilcock.¨ All religions must undergo this total dissection, keeping some pages of wisdom, but criminalizing the hardcover, superficial terms like ¨Antichrist¨, ¨Second Coming¨, and superficial non-existing distinguished terms like ¨Muslim¨ or ¨Christian¨, terms of bloody racial religious crime against human reason, crime against source-field bio-diversity, passing judgement on superficial construct, and passing personal responsibility onto fictious concepts, all which has caused RIVERS of sad historic blood, which must stop immediately, all Abrahamic litterature being racial-imperialistic, keeping humanity in the past fighting each other, being non-fruitious, proven to be wrong, and a failure:

There is no end of time or second coming, the Abrahamic religions are not FAITHS, not TRUTH, that is a philosophical absolute, these faiths having a few viable¨concepts¨, which can be proven to be moralistic, nature philosophy, altered states of consciousness/spirituality astrology, and stone-age version of ¨science¨ e.g explanations of reality.

The rest of Abrahamic concepts are much worse: Powerlust and world conquest continue in Islam and Judaism today, from what originally was patriarchal tribal race war identity, megalomaniac leader`s mental illness and their racial-religious imperialism (on top of the abovementioned). This total scientific dissection and criminalization of ILLEGAL Abrahamic literature together with e.g the research of sacred geometry in the tachyon field ¨ether¨ branch of multidimensional physics, miracles, trance-states, the question of ¨deleted files/Hell¨, and many more questions, will affect the outcome of my organization's ¨FelleskapForFremtidens and RevolutionRenaissance`s¨ new scientifically certified New Age world religion period.

This dissection and reconstruction, this moralistic responsibility; MUST be done perfectly with no room for corruption or compromise to immoral perversions or personal religious opinions other than statistics and interdimensional physics, considering the research will affect all humans, the question being: Are we spirit and does our life on Earth affect and continue in a life after death?

And that is why I have to do it, cause nobody else does it and since I have the highest title in secret societies as Magus. I am a no bs guy, use only reason, and truth SHALL set you free. If anything, my personal ¨dream¨ would be seeing mankind rise from evolution as a perfectly moral spiritual being, even if that means we have to undo the genetical tampering recalled as in the ¨Garden of Eden story¨, mostly because I am immoral myself, but also want to go to Heaven.

So that`s my personal case, which I will set aside for the duration of this first task at hand. Call me a Nazi, but this is the scientific human responsibility of non-personal REASON, a quality very few possess these days. Yours truly. Only truth lasts forever. – Former Christian author of the GRRRRR series, Thomas Eidsaa.

A message: Sustainable Tesla Village Development, because our system is built to fall/not sustainable.

Hi! I am a self-educated author into Christian, and conspiracy-theory topics.

The Eco-Village YouTube Playlist

I demand three things. 1 That the awakened create a New Earth Ubuntu village of contributionism like a Trojan-horse pallet example so the glass house of cards will tumble, 2 a Reich-scientist group in Norway. ( 3 And thus the end the New World Order by mass enlightenment through exposure of the 1 technocratic, 2 cultural and 3 financial elite, focusing on the technocratic elite, e.g cancer cures, alternative village science, alternative electricity, something all relate to, thus shaping the future in the lead, not as sheep.

The awakened must overtake any free nation with such a Trojan-horse village society, but all hippies, wizards and conspiracy-realists must UNITE and focus ALL on ONE nation to get the ball rolling, ok? Norway would be ideal.

Don`t curse the darkness ¨ah I hate the NWO.¨ No, light a candle instead! Gather the ambers and the one, single light will expell all darkness, as the NWO glass house of cards will fall by the uproar of the people. We the people have the OBLIGATION to be in the LEAD to change our future.

The negative forces shaping our current systems are simply humans like me and you, driven by GUTS and MONEY. It is simply a matter of who has the most GUTS, and never an armed conflict, this world being like ¨a TV-show¨.

Furthermore: This NWO has replaced common sense and common ethics with the inversed teachings of all holy books. Their barbarity, individualism and power-lust! The call it ¨the only future and inevitable global order.¨

Really? A non-polarized peaceful world can only come through common human ethics, the Buddha, Krishna Jesus example, not common social status, income or common equal intelligence. Period.

And that`s the reason I wrote the Law of Source, Love and Light.

All great periods in human history were due to a peope-serving priesthood whose religion (e.g sacred geometry, astrology, etc) incorporated sacred philosophy and sacred science.

There was never a point in history where science was not alchemy, magick, secret and SACRED, like the Christian and Egyptian (Atlantean) religion of the survivors, the religion of the SUN, their monuments still surrounding us everywhere, baffling us; because we lost our guardian priesthood...

THAT`s our aim. A sustainable ecologically intelligent monastic village trojan horse civilization. A globalized world is not sustainable AT ALL. The bird-flu, SARS and Corona virus epidemics prove the NWO is a non-sustainable wildshot. Only an ethically homogenous world of small, independent towns (cells) of OUR high-tech are sustainable, and could last for tens of thousands of years. Not only do we eliminate the countless future epidemics, biological mad-scientists, and wars funded by a global banking elite: There is simply not oil, and not enough Cobolt for electric car batteries.

The NWO was built to fall: Look at the OTHER hand of illusionist`s cards: It is US the FREE BRAVE ONES who shape our world. My mission is an inevitable future outcome, but I don`t want 20 generations to suffer before they realize their ancestors were irresponsible and led future generations into a globalized world doomed to fail OR: Forever be controlled by madscientists of the banking-cartel.


So let`s BUILD that village! So cheer up, light a candle, and stop watching depressing videos nurturing darkness. Get optimistic, activistic and organized with your conspiracy-theory friends. Let`s start in your back-yard, let`s start love-and-light-family gatherings, think tanks and private schools. Got me?

This is the most exciting time to be alive. Run with it. The mantle is just as much yours as it is mine. Immagine if all alternative news sectors combined with alternative science in the ¨Tesla sustainable village project¨ of Tomislav Tesla. We might save 20 generations!

All will WANT our village system of alternative physics, alternative history, and alternative medicine with free electrical energy, levity-propulsion technology (google Coral Castle) and simple etheric and herbal cures to every disease.

One such village ignites a hundred more, and the worldwide system collapses. EVEN now, millions are desperatly seeking an exodus from the busy, tiring life of 24/7 work 5 days a week, AWAY from the hectic 5g virtual reality of false friends and back into REAL friendship and romance with mother nature. But we must act while the internet is still free.

These are the goals I`ve had all my life (after I decided not to become a politician, yes you can blame me for that). I wanted to follow Jesus and tread a new, sustainable future pathway, and not end up like some copy-doll puppet antichrist, of which there are too many.

I am willing to die for you as a MASSIVE target by the misanthropist Sabbatean-Frankist NWO Illuminati Jesuit conglomerate.

THEIR religion is ¨worship yourself.¨ OUR religion is love; the humanistic codes and strength in UNITY! It`s time you realize it`s not necessarily me they`re after. They`re after me because I try protecting YOU.

Love and Light, Thomas.

Revolution Renaissance! Welcome to the New Earth Nation!

Learn from Sacha Stone, Thomas Joseph Brown, Michael Tellinger, Leo Zagami, Harry Rhodes and miself to earn yourself a future!

Friendly sites - The only reliable news-agency. Vital information regarding cancer-treatment, alternative energy, alternative history, and David Wilcock`s Wisdom Teachings are to be found at David Wilcock`s books, and research is the hope for the future. Buy the Source Field Investigations.

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