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NUF Nordic Native Reserve. Every possible option to save western humanism and nature biodiversity, protecting dying nature and culture.

Can Paganism unite Europe???


The Atlantean Order of Lucifer (AOL) by Sasha Edomita!!!

Book description: A must read for anyone interested in philosophy and religion! This is not a Satanic book, but a national-conservative Nordic Luciferian conspiracy-realist book with elements from Christianity, humanism and white-centrism. The book is a massive study. I touch upon all my censored topics; Anatoly Fomenko, alternative history, the Flat-Earth, the Nazi UFO connection, mark-of-the-beast 666, age of Cybersatan transhumanism and his AI self-replicating nano-Morgellons polymer fibres from chemtrails: Wiring your brain! It`s an initiate study into GREAT secrets of our time, laying the basis for the rest of the book: Why mankind should lovingly unite under the banner of love, laughter and truth: Creating sustainable villages which I call ¨tribes¨ outside of the grid, reclaiming lost tribal cultures and identities. For the first time since Atlantis, I re-discover the ancient religion of the sun. I carve in stone how Jesus, God and the Bible is flawed, and evolve religion into loving responsibility for our Earth together. THIS BOOK IS NOT ABOUT SATANISM, but sacred knowledge and codes of morale! You will learn what Luciferianism is, who Jesus was, what Lucifer is, what he represents, how he has been defamed and what this age has in store for us: The inter-religious metaphysical religion of Source, Love and Light! I teach you about sacred sexuality, Wilhelm Reich, have a chapter on pedophilia and the sexual revolution; how the human path onwards is our quality of love, which mankind must make their name to survive the apocalypse. Seize it! I criticize the current world order and decimate Christianity, Judaism and Islam with huge chapters. We must create the NWO as the PEOPLE ourselves. To achieve this and eliminate polarities, returning to a sustainable world, we must be ethically one, not ethnically. It`s a quantum leap into the future, and the old ways serve us no longer! Mankind must learn to live in perpetual balance with nature. We CANNOT risk to lose this golden age opportunity! This book is the mission of love and light fulfilled: The golden ones returning! Mankind breaking free from the shackles and the cross. This is the time for universal brotherhood! I also recreate the tribes of Scandinavia and discover the metaphysical aspects of particularly the blonde elven race in great detail. I will reveal secrets on mankind`s origins, shapeshifters, giants, the aboriginal blonde elvish race, the Jesus lineage and the Illuminati. You will learn more from this book than any other book you`ve read, that`s for sure. This book will encourage you and make you a part of the revolution towards the future! Either you are an Atlantean or not, this book will make you want to live in the Nordic woods as a tribe. Love and Light, Sasha.


Long live the Revolution Renaissance! Back to pagan (or Christian) Scandinavia and Europe!

The only plausibe way for  the west to undergo a national-romantic renaissance is by paganism, inter-religiousness, or simple logic. I  am praying for a hero who is a striking blonde aryan, a good speaker, kind and loving, and who tells the truth plainly; not focusing on hate, but love, facts, crime-statistics, conspiracy reality, and wakes the people up: Creating a BETTER Scandinavia than before.

Christian nationalists won`t  rise before the Vikings do, because Christianity has been un-nationalized over the course of the last century. Thanks to the Vatican 2 Sect, and betrayal from State-Churches.

Can paganism unite Europe? Probably. 

Yet the Jesus-Lucifer sun-children ideology of Societas Christi - House of Helel was worth a shot. (Not really.) It must start with Vikings.

I am just another type of Jew, thanks to my crypto-jewish parents, and a HORRIBLE upbringing aimed at pussifying the naturalistic pagan spirit of rebellion with their black-order interests of CloneGayte; ¨You must be a carpenter, never a politician!¨You can NEVER change anything!¨ ¨NEVER listen to your dreams!¨ I`m the worst of all time, a coward, and a pussy.

Yet it is the end that defines a man... Even if I`m better than 99% of the rest, it doesn`t matter. We need a inter-religious pride-movement of let`s call it national romance. The world will be half as beautiful if YOU do not win, and will remain so forever. Yet IF you win (which you must), it will be the greatest victory in history, and a signal of the end to the NWO nations like a ripple. Only YOU can defeat them. You will have marked yourself forever as ¨we who saw the light, and wouldn`t bow¨, and as such you might have guaranteed your future existance as aryans.

I always tell Christians how ¨you know of 10 extinct semitic tribes that died out 3000 years ago, but where are your tears for your own tribes?¨ You won`t remember your tribal identity, and aryan pride before Varg gathers you near the fireplace, and declares a viking Ting. May there be lots of mead.

Suit yourself your own government in a mutual-anarchistic (traditional) ultra-liberal survivalist Tesla village Viking reservatory, and play it safe by being love-light-hippies, and ¨a minority¨ to the press. No open hatred against Jews, Christians, and it will work out fine. Be heroes like Apollo, Thor and Odin; who civilized the world, and all will look up to you. New-Age neo-paganism might do you good. That`s what you are. It`s also about time you come home. I can crown you King if you want to.

History yells at this unfaithful generation: What`s a nation without borders? What`s a nation without a nationality? What`s a nation without a common tongue; Such things that once defined all national borders are forgotten.

The media-empire`s crimes are worse than any propaganda the Nazis ever DREAMT of!!! As of now; There is no white nation in the world. If I were you; I would emmigrate to India where you`re still Gods, and start a colony of let`s say 10-20 white-blonde families. Just to get the ball rolling. Oh, and you would need a strategy to brand your (aryan) identity with the role as world-civilizer heroes, and main opposers of the system ¨NWO.¨ Take a look at the co-human battleplan for revolution. Let`s call it project Odin. Start a national-romantic new-age neo-pagan Tesla village in India! You have a chance. 

I want a Christian reservatory village, a redhead reservatory village for ethnically distinct, and a white-blonde reservatory village for ethnically distinct to preserve diversity. Why? Just because our Viking redhead tribe (that existed) is dispersed and dying out. The blonde tribes (that existed) are dying out. They will only remember who they are when they meet, and meditate for a week in the woods near the longhouse. Our ethnicity, nation, culture, history, language, nation, religion (åsatru) , and religion (Christianity) is dying out, and will INEVITABLY die out IF we do not build reservatories (like for the native Indians). This is OUR right. We will be peaceful, and build villages founded on flowers, love and light. The humanistic principles.



Traditional Norwegians: A beautiful loving people is dying out.

Nordics fight the great war for all humanity! We fight because we have to! Join us or you will loose all that you love...

Watch the videos below and wake up crying!!!