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Love and Light - What Does it Mean?


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Inspired by Dr Sigmund Freud, and especially Dr Wilhelm Reich. 

Praised by Illuminati Universalis headmaster Leo Lyon Zagami as a the new World Religion!

The metaphysical law of God=Love + Light=God.

You just read it. God=Love+Light=God. This is the metaphysical arithmetic to the symbiosis of all.

The creation of life, and ethical code in this universe can be summarized in one paragraph to meditate upon. This is the unified theory of principles in science, philosophy, religion and morale:

The symbiosis of all life can metaphysicall be eqated: God=Love + Light=God. God=life.

The circle of life starts with 1.Sunlight, and continues with 2.Reproduction. Love and light. I tend to say; Light gives us form (f.i photosynthesis), and Love keeps us in form. Light makes life possible, while love keeps the circle of life going, but it could not have started if it was not for God`s representation as creator: The Divine Sun: The Creator from/in the Heavenlies. Light is God`s sun/son visible, sometimes incarnate in the universe. Which created us/life. The Son/Sun of God. Who owns it? Nobody! It`s GOD`s sun! In sacredness of the trinity comes therefore: God first, then comes Light, and then comes Love. But there would not be much fun to life if it was not for love, and love is undoubtedly the main purpose, and endproduct of life/creation/the source/the matrix/God. Therefore God (love) in turn = life = Love for God in return, and more Love! So it`s all about love! Also: Love = more Love/Sex by creating new lifeforms; keeping the circle of life going. We conclude that Love (and Light) is the most constructive concepts of all, and the most pure. Therefore Love is GOOD. So is light. But it all depends on how we utilize it. Source (God) , Love, and Light is the sacred trinity creator (circle of life) nothing would exist without. They love each other; creating all life: Symbiosis. Light is Jesus the Sun. Love is the divine feminine. (And the Sacred Trinity has been throughout all comparative religions, and history long before Christianity)


The Reloveution!

Here you will find the RELOVEUTION.

Which means it`s not particularily Christian, nor national-patriotic.

Why do I do this? Why do I write books?

I always wanted to. All for the greater good!!!

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The Wisdom of all Golden Ages and the law of Source, Love and Light.



This is aimed at a greater public, and not only Christians. It acts as an umbrella for all world religions; from what we can deduce from science. While most of my work is conservative; I made this balance myself out a little. This work is all about creating a public appeal, and gain attention by doing something completely new. I originally called it An Ode to the Sun and Morningstar. I take you on a personal journey through revelations given to me by Jesus: Specifically for this Age of Aquarius. The summary of the book is how I discover a unified law for scientific, religious, and philosophical schools in which all the world can unite. This is a must read, and will greatly enhance your life with joy! A true revivalist book! :)

This book is religious science, and philosophy based on the common catchphraze of love and light. I take matters into my own hands, and construct a universal conduit for all religions and ideologies; to secure the future of western humanism. A new world religion so to speak. I am the first online to have discovered these meanings behind love and light, but you are more than welcome to spread the word. The implications of L&L are quite extensive, and one could easily start a new philosophy, or even religion based on it. I might have rediscovered the philosophy of sun-worshippers in Egypt. How come nobody else saw this before me. Seems like there still are prophets of humanity. I love you.

A shortened down (outdated) version of my book.




I take my leave. I haven`t had a friend in 10 years. The world is now up to you!

Our belief is Light and Love. Light is science, and guides love – the heart.

Medieval beliefs like the world`s major religion must be proven by science. How should they alone escape the scientific method of thesis-antithesis in our modern world? The universal law of love, and light as presented here is both for atheists, the pagan, the buddhist, the hindu, or one from the Abrahamic religions. Because it unites all the world in a common morale, I decided not to draw from any religion, and make it apply to YOUR system of belief.


Egypt and the sun.

The first major step towards the Abrahamic religions of today happened 4000 years ago with a person named Moses. While civilizations, religions, and ethnicities come and go; the people of Israel endured.

From ancient times: Only Israel survived! Can you believe it??? And who owns, and rules the world today? Jews. All ancient cultures have died out. And saddest of all; even the sun-cult died out. But of all civilizations, and mythologies in the world; the Egyptians were the greatest because of the rich archeological finds. They were led by a priest-elite, and were the most spiritual of all ancient cultures. It goes without question they must have been very knowledgeable, and scientific about the spiritual, and they were more concerned with the afterlife than any other culture in history to this day. They even mummified their dead with spells painted inside the coffin; how to survive the passage to the netherworld!

The Egyptians built history`s greatest religious monuments. They had technology that baffle scientists today like f.i the ability to create gold-paper, and cut limestone-blocks with saws. But the greatest civilization in the antique vanished completely, and nothing remains of their religion! It was not until the 1800th century we could read hieroglyphs through the Rosetta Stone, and it took over 50 years of deciphering. Throughout Rome, and until the colonization-era; Egypt was SACKED for it`s iconic obelisks and relics. Over 8 obelisks weighing several hundred tons each were transported to Rome as you see with the obelisk in St.Peter`s square. Thieves robbed the pharaonic graves in the Valley of the Kings. French, and English colonists later sacked Egypt, and dug out it`s graves during the colonization era. You will find thousands of Egyptian artifacts in the museum of London. Why did the elite want Egyptian artifacts? What were the Egyptians onto?

The Egyptians were the only religion in history where the sun-god/gods was their prime deities.

Although some would disagree, and say the Greek-roman culture highly valued the sun; and do so still to this day in the guise of roman Catholicism. The Greek Helios, Apollo, and Phosphorus/Lucifer are examples of this. Especially popular in Italy to this day, is the cult of the Persian sun-god Mithras who was introduced at the same time as Jesus, and often intermixed with Christianity. Roman-catholic worship of the sun continues today among the masonic lodges. The lodges in Scandinavia have also recently adopted exaltations Germanic gods like the sun-gods Sol, Balder, and the druidic Hu, an Osiris archetype. Christianity is traditionally seen as a sun-cult while Judaism, and Islam are considered moon-saturn cults. These are the two ancient religions of the Illuminati, and I am here to keep this balance in a time of RAGNAROK.

In Egypt: The father of the Gods was worshipped as Amon Ra/Atum Re during the high-culture of Egypt. The creation-stories varies from the differenct Egyptian cities, as all had their prime deity, but he is generally considered Atum Re as he was worshipped in Heliopolis; the city of the sun. He fathered the universe, and lesser Gods; many of which were associated with the sun, it`s phases and the planets.

What philosophy, and science backed the Egyptians beliefs? Were they onto love and light?

Upon studying the circle of life, nature, the sun, and the creative force of love; I came up with a true, universal golden rule for all. The Aquarian law: Love and Light which is our simplest gospel, and catch-phraze.

Did the Egyptians live by my ideology, or am I the first to realize this? Was such beautiful arcane nature-philosophy lost in time?

I believe so. It was lost for thousands of years. And that is why I write this book. I believe we live in a New Age. This might be the best sun-philosophy since Egyptian times. And sadly: There are no sun-idolizers, or sun-philosophers alive today! Perhaps with the exception of the Yezidis. Nor is there any sun-temple, religion of Ra, or worship of any sun-god in any organized form on Earth! While Set/Satan-worship was banned throughout all major Egyptian history, Satan or what was originally ¨night worship¨ of darkness; has many idolizers, philosophers, cults, and even huge churches like the Church of Satan in America.

The sun resembling his highest holiness has watched us waiting for this book to be written. And it is about time! I think the mummies have been weeping in their graves for long enough!

I have searched the internet, and there is none.

The evolution started in Atlantis, continued to Egypt, and made it through Judaism aaall the way up here to Norway through Christianity. When Jesus was introduced to the Vikings, he was clearly presented as a white, Luciferic archetype sun-god. Historical sources say he was introduced as ¨Kvitekrist¨ meaning ¨Whitechrist.¨

I am honored to continue on his work in this new age of Aquarius. An age of Ragnarok for the western world; where the intellectual sun-cult, and humanism will crash with stone-age unscientific, medieval beliefs like radical sharia Islam; inevitably. I thus am a prophet of the time yet ahead.

The dream of utopia is at hand: As the scientific creator is Love, and Light, and if Love and Light was the law: We should burn our differences on the pyre of peace. I assure you all war would stop, and the world be stable forever.

Think of it… Think of the eternal circus we could create! We CANNOT miss this! Mankind need a huge leap in the right direction. Man has travelled to the moon, but still can`t fathom love. Through loneliness comes pain, and all the devils. The path to hatred. The world is ruled by hatred, but we will replace it with love.

Love and light. This is the message on the internet. This is the new man. It is the core behind the hippie generation of conspiracy theorists. This is the mission of anonymous. This is the mission of the New Age. The mission of Christianity. The mission of Hinduism. The mission of paganism. And the mission of humanism. The human exam now finally formulated and summarized! Love will break envy! And individualism! And nietzscheism! The egocentric version of the humanist philosopher based on Nietzsche will break! For too long have my people been frozen!


Our creation story

Life emerged in the dark primordial soup, perhaps around underwater volcanoes. Light created all lifeforms. Light also reveals the form of lifeforms to the eye. The light from the scientific creator/the rays of the sun traverse through ether and is transformed into chemical energy through the photosynthesis in plants.

Photo means light, and the synthesis of light is circle of life. What circle? Plant-eaters get eaten by carnivorous animals, etc, and we are on top the food chain. The light synthesis. That creates all form.

The ether, the so-called scalar-field, the vril, or simply ¨the force¨ is a form of light that surrounds all things. Jesus used this force. The Greek word for carpenter/woodworker also translates to lightworker. And there was no Nazareth. Only Mazzaroth. This light is what drives evolution. It`s the mathematical construct of the matrix behind all matter so to speak. Research noetic science, and the book Source-field-investigations by new-age author David Wilcock.

The scalar field has a conscience. It is the combined conscience of that is. All planetary archons, and universal matter co-create evolution. God in the all, or God in the 7 lamps of the menorah. We are our own creators, so to speak.

And you are God; on top of the food-chain.

Light shined upon the world, and created minor lifeforms. They evolved until we came along. Mankind is the beauty, and flower of evolution. Why? For we possess the moralistic intellect capable of judging right from wrong. That is what makes us more than animals. Once again we see that God is love.

Love binds life together through the sexual act of procreation, and it`s the binding ingredient. The continuation of, or receptor of the form given us by light. A flower. Love also makes life interesting. There would be little point in life without love. Without a heart, morale, compassion, or good emotions. Scientific studies say that all men seek two things: Love and acceptance. While some disagree, and turn to hatred, we know better. For even evil is a child of love. A child of God. And without love; there would be no hatred, envy, ego, or other dark aspects of the human nature. Science determines that love is the continuation of the form given to us by light. Love is the egg to our cake as to speak.. Life without girls, or boys would be boring. Love is the binding ingredient to all form.

Someone comes along, and argues ¨death, and darkness is just as much a power of nature-philosophy as love.¨ How? There is no death without life. The two are thus children of love and light.

In general, we can scientifically conclude: Light provides us with form, and love keeps us in form. As simple as that. You should keep that in mind when greeting someone with love and light.

Greeting a person with love and light can also mean ¨may the light of the creator fill you with form/life, and may unconditional love (agape) keep you¨ through a religious context.

For Christians, it means that the light of the ether, Jesus, and God will permeate you, enlighten you with joy, and fill your heart with love through the relationship to the divine.

Jesus knowledge about creation, magick, and the Egyptian sun-cult mysteries was very extensive; also considering the references to God as ¨the scalar-field universe¨, in Our Lord`s prayer as it was originally spoken by Jesus to the disciples, translated from Greek into 1st century aramaic:

Oh Thou, from whom the breath of life comes, who fills all realms of sound, light and vibration.May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiest.
Your Heavenly Domain approaches. (the Mazzaroth)
Let Your will come true - in the universe (archons/planets all that vibrates) just as on earth (that is material and dense).
Give us wisdom (understanding, assistance) for our daily need, detach the fetters of faults that bind us, (unforgiveness) like we let go the guilt of others.
Let us not be lost in superficial things (materialism, common temptations), but let us be freed from that what keeps us from our true purpose.
From You comes the all-working will, the lively strength to act, the song that beautifies all and renews itself from age to age. (the zodiacal age)

Sealed in trust, faith and truth.
(I confirm with my entire being)

Heaven is here likened to a sound emitted from the energies of the vibrating universe. (Mazzaroth)

Jesus was a so-called sage. He was said to be the smartest, and most powerful magi of his age… A man with such knowledge of the mysteries he could even escape death, and become immortal. Knowledge sets us free.

Yet he took all his secrets to the grave, and King Jesus would laugh at the lack of spiritual knowledge of Christianity today.

But he would certainly marvel at our machines. It is said he was especially good at mathematics. An art lost in time.

When man (sun/fire/light), and woman (moon/water/love) comes together, these polar opposites become God in the moment the child is incepted. This is similar to how fire/magma/soil mixed with water to create the first cells in Darwin`s theory of evolution.

Furthermore: It is man/light/sun/fire, and woman/water/moon which combine (water, and heat is the necessities for life) to create all the life that flourishes each day.


Love and light

Together: Love and light create all visible life in the universe. (except from deep-ocean volcanoes, but they are created by fire, so I guess our theory is valid.)

Who is God? The definition of the monotheistic God is the Creator. The creator must therefore be love and light. For the sun, and sex create all life in the universe!

Furthermore: Love, and light are the two divine qualities of man that distinguish us from animals. The morale compass and enlightenment/intellect.

Let`s therefore make it the law: A language all religions can agree upon. An ethic that unites, and traverses all borders and tongues. A law all ethnicities can understand. Love is the hope of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Love is the lesson for humanity to graduate, and drop their weapons. The world has never been one before, as through the internet. The possibility of world peace is within reach for the first time in history. Stop everything you do, meditate upon love, fill yourself with light, and rise as a new man. You are now a child of the future. Leave the past, and look to the horizon. We are the new dawn.

For, the world can only be one through common humanistic ethics. Think about it. And the answer is. Love and light.

Love, and light are the two main ingredients for eternal safety on Earth; which we visibly see as Venus, and the Sun. Our most beloved stars, venerated by the Egyptians as their highest Gods. They called them Gods. We call them concepts.

The catchphrases ¨peace love anarchy¨, and ¨peace, love, and understanding¨ are simply children of my philosophy. For how can there be peace without enlightenment?

Love shall not compromise with idiocy. For intellect; light; the brain is the organ to guide your heart, not the other way around. If not: How can we confront blind faith? Light is thus the greatest of the two.

Through studying the science of creation, man, history, psychology, etc, we conclude that Love and Light is eternally, and UTTERLY divine on a universal scale, more so than any other concept in the universe. And we will treat it as such. Against this Law, there can be made no argument. Let`s therefore explore what it means.


The circle of life, and the circle of loneliness.

The Lucifer effect is a term in psychology determining how very good people become evil. Lucifer is latin, and means Lightbringer. He was the son of Zeus and Aurora, and is a word given to love, the Morningstar, and the morning-sun, if not the sun in general. He symbolizes the perfect man. Gnostics believe it was Lucifer who created man from mixing their own DNA with that of Homo Erectus. This was done by the Sumerian Enki, which is scientifically plausible considering substantial mythological, and archeological evidence. (do some research.) Most associate Lucifer with the devil. We deal with concepts alone.

Christ is called Lucifer by gnostics and masons. I came up with this circle.

In general, if Lucifer is ascended like Christ, then Lucifer =Love and light= life = lust= laughter/bliss= love and light. Continuing. 6 l`s of Lucifer. This is the circle of life. The opposite of the law is the circle of death which is ruled by loneliness, and is Lucifer falling. The Egyptians were the first to figure this out, and banned Satan worship throughout it`s history. Lucifer fallen is Set/Satan of the black sun, whereas Lucifer risen is his brother Osiris or Horus of the day-sun. This is the earliest religious example of the so-called Lucifer effect.

The circle of death is Lucifer falling, which I copy from what happened in my personal life. Lucifer / fallen from Heaven = loneliness and shame anger depression = hatred and revenge = helplessness = emptiness = sloth = poverty = despair = success = envy = pride = greed = further revenge = unnatural lust, and all evils in the world: Darkness and death.

As of today, the circle of loneliness (otherwise called the circle of hatred) is fighting the circle of life, and rules the world. It is Lucifer fallen. It goes like this:

The innocent child is born. The desire for peace, truth, love and justice. Then everything goes wrong. You lose all that is dear to you, and you loose your life, soul and source: Heaven. The inner heart, and longing of the child does not change, but the way of obtaining these goals are distorted. Instead of obtaining peace, truth, love and justice through love; an inverted philosophy of Hell replaces heavenly logic. A circle ruled by vengeance, bitterness, hatred, pain, greed and strife. In it`s ultimate form. The circle of loneliness is death.



Love is akin to the word law.

Love is what defines us humans; the strongest weapon we have. And all have it. It is the innate god-like human quality that trespasses all borders, languages and religions. What is it then?

I claim that love is the natural human compass that created all moralistic views. These Divine human tendencies are attraction, compassion, respect, kindness, meekness, selflessness, respect, social kindness, care and helping others grow.

In religion, and symbolism: Love is Gaia, Sophia, Earth, womb of life, the blue planet, waters, female, horizontal, and also moon etc.

Love includes, knows no borders; and has no shame. It is wild and free.

Love is life. Life is eternal, and thus is eternal.

Love trusts, hopes, perseveres.

Like the dandelion growing through the cement.

Love flows; multiplies, overcomes mountains, nurtures; and is the spring rain of life.

Love forgives. Love is a decision. Love is a trainer. Rejoice when forgiving; for you build a stronger character of love. Love is being faithful. Sometimes like in a relationship; love must defy logic for the betterment of Children.

The heart is many things. Emotions, love, will and faith. It is a powerful chakra, and has nerves connected to all the body. Google the heart-mind. But will, and faith walks hand in hand with the brain. Still: The definition of religious faith is ¨certainty of what cannot be seen.¨ But we know science defends our beliefs. Some say faith is the core of man, either man realizes or not. With our faith being love; what solid hearts we will make.


The most beautiful art, and heroic deeds were made out of love.

Love is giving hugs. Love is smiling, and spreading life. But most of all: Love is a choice. A choice that becomes easier when we will our minds with joy. Joy is the fruit that accompanies love.


That is what it means to be loving. It is praising others, caring for the weak, being social and acknowledging. Love is not slandering or bullying. Love is giving compliments. Love is including everyone. Love is serving others, and feeling good about it. God is love. Love can be making dinner, or putting others higher than yourself. This is a nature only humans exhibit in all the animal kingdom. It breaks the evolutionary model of survival of the fittest, and sets us apart as wholly divine. Love is a divine attribute just like intelligence! When mankind learns love and light; we will have graduated out of the feudal nature of the stone-age man. We will graduate into unity conscience, and leave war behind. But not through compromising ignorant others. Through making all enlightened.

Life itself is an act of love. How can you deny that love is our life? Live it then! None of you would be here if not for love. Humanity is the flower of beauty. Love in it`s ultimate form. Also through hatred. For love is the origin of hatred. The heart of the Child that must be mended to create a world free from the circle of pain. Love is the creator, and the divine spark inside you.

Psychologists, and most religions say that there are two main things that every person on the planet seeks innermost:  Love and acknowledgement. Love is safety, and acknowledgement is praise, respect, and being accepted. The desire of love is lifelong, but the desire of acknowledgement comes when a person defines his identity reaching conscience during childhood. It most often involves getting praise from your parents, but might be f.i a disadvantaged person, or a person who suffers from racism, or other oppression. These two desires continue with us in the adult life where acknowledgement from work, by your kids, your wife, or your God is the prime, underlying motivation that drives the individual. Love, and light is the needed methodology to fill the hearts of what all seek: Love and acceptance/confirmation/acknowledgement. As our loving hearts, and intellectual minds define morale; how can f.i a disadvantaged person find acknowledgement unless on the humanistic basis of morale as exemplified in ¨love and light¨? The search for acknowledgement is identical to the search for identity, which all have; especially in the information-age. This search often defines what religion, race, political stance, and culture the person belongs to. Thus we can also say that every person seeks light/knowledge. Love and light is what every person seeks to uphold their identity. Especially intellectual people.



Light means brain, truth, intellect, enlightenment, spreading of knowledge, exchange of ideas, peace, justice and order.

In symbolism, Light is male, sun, light, fire, horizontal, etc. Also Jupiter, which is a daystar.

The Light is the fire inside of you since we were made by the aliens/God/Gods/Elohim/Annunaki/Enki. That intellect within you. The everburning flame. Passion. Light also means opening your third eye through training your auras, and working your lightbody. For light is enlightenment. Jesus says: "If thine eye be single, thy body will be full of light" in Matthew 6:22. The spiritual eye is a gland in your brain that baffles scientists. It`s made of piezo-electric crystals that catch waveforms, and emit light to a sensor so it functions just like an eye. The so-called third eye. It`s called the pineal-gland, and is awakening through meditation and prayer. If we are disciples: Should we not also be lightworkers like our Master, and seek to exercise our bodies, and minds to obtain pure bliss enlightenment???


To the question if willpower/hope is a divine quality of man, or if this is a combination of heart and intellect, I say yes they are.

Light is the sun of life that warms reserved coldhearted mindsets. Meditate upon light, and try to become it. Be more social and optimistic.


Light to the people! Love and light= all life. Life= laughter, lust and more love. (And Lucifer, just kidding.) Remember the 6 l`s.


All things have a male, or female nature.


Worship of the planets, and pantheism is the most ancient of religions. But what do we know of their cosmology? While modern scientists think in terms of distinction, our ancient ancestors often mixed many sciences into one mythological story. They often mixed history, philosophy, physics, metaphysics, and the spiritual into one story of many layers where the deeper meanings were only for the initiates. Norwegian author Maria Kvilhaug discover such traits in her books, f.i surrounding the norse creation where you have to look at everything from concepts of words, gender of words, runes used, and their connection to  find the whole picture. But did you know that all the antique had a coherent cosmology where everything in creation was given a male, or female nature?


The secrets: Zeus, Yahweh, and Allah are described as hermaphrodite beings. It makes sense since the creator is the origin of the whole. Earth is given a female nature since it is the watery womb that creates life, most often called Mother Gaia.

Moreover: The gnostic christians, and antique middle-eastern religions explained cosmology/creation through interpreting that the female, creative power aspect of God (Sophia in Gnosticism, shekinah in Judaism, and Holy Ghost in some Christianity) had fallen to explain the creation of life on Earth. ¨God sent his angels¨, or ¨aliens¨, so to speak, and this is the magical force within us that seeks reunification with God/source. The antique middle-east had one Goddess under many names who were either the wife of God, or his daughter/son like f.i Attar. The most prominent was Ashera Queen of Heaven, wife of God/El whom Solomon the sun-king sex-addict worshipped. The Bible reads how the Israelites erected Ashera poles on every hill. That`s because all things in the antique was seen having both a symbolical nature, a spiritual nature, and a gender, as written in Symbols, Sex, and the Stars by Ernest Brusenbark where he outlines the origin of religion often called ¨that ancient religion¨. Our  religion of Atlantis! Hills, mounds, etc were seen as female breasts, and rivers in valleys, fountains, etc were seen as the female sexual organ in all the world of the antique raging from American Indians to South America, to China, to Scandinavia, to Egypt, to England, to obelisks in France, to ancient Israel/Canaan, and particularly all of Mesopotamia back to our first historical civilization: Ancient sumer. I have personally been to the temple of Astarte in Eriche Siciliy which is on top of a giant hill, and visited other temples of her as well: One was situated on one of two ¨breasts¨ right next to a river-valley ¨vagina¨. I have also been to the Roman bath in Baath England which was a hot spring sacred to the goddess Sulis of the natives, and Minerva of the Romans. ¨The hot womb.¨ Or at Stonehenge where they had annual orgies. Or at the temples to Frøya in Scandinavia which also are at fields atop hills like at Tønsberg.

All things were equated a female, or male nature. Is my Love, and Light theology touching upon very ancient, forgotten wisdom?

And then you have the masculine. Pyramids, columns, Churches, and Egyptian obelisks symbolized, and still symbolize the male phallus, and this isn`t even a secret. Sacred prostitution, pantheism, and worship of stars and planets is the oldest religion. The most ancient symbol for male, and female united is the cross. The vertical line symbolizes the male potency, and the vertical symbolizes female. We use the same symbol/pictogram for male, and female today.

The two standard sex symbols are the Mars symbol ♂ (often considered to represent a shield and spear, or a phallus) for male and Venus symbol ♀ (symbolizing the female vagina and womb) for female, derived from astrological symbols, denoting the classical planets Mars and Venus.

The ancient world not only applied sexual characteristics to all buildings, but also to all trees and animals. F.i the bull, elephant, lion etc symbolized the male. That`s why the chief god of Kanaan was ¨Bull El¨. If a man was strong, he was called a ¨God-man.¨ The goat both provided milk like a cow, and had horns like the phallus, or male God. The goat has therefore symbolized the androgynous since time immemorial, most recently in the form of the hermaphrodite Baphomet. The cow, the cat, the dove, the rabbit, and the deer symbolized  the female. Especially the cow. Take f.i the Egyptian Goddess Hathor, and Nuit who`s symbol was a starry cow covering the Heavens. This is f.i reflected in norse mythology as well with Audhumbla, the cosmic cow, who eats the ice of Nifleheim (death) – transforming it to life - milk. Here we have strong metaphysics, and comparative mythology once more. Our ancient ancestors had clever ways of explaining physics, cosmology, and the circle of life through myth.

Furthermore. Waters symbolize the womb of Gaia, and lava symbolizes male. Together: Love, and light crashed, and made life on Earth possible! The universal metaphysics of love, and light are astounding. This also happens whenever a child is born. The male torch, white semen, or fire impregnates the polar-opposite – water – and miraculously creates a new life.

Wow! Love and light is female and male! And applies to all spiritual philosophy and metaphysics. It really is the universal code of creation!

The clever Egyptians had a very scientific religion of love and light. Their prime deities were the Sun and Jupiter (Ra – male) , and the Moon and Venus (Isis – female). These correspond to light and love. I am not saying we should worship Egyptian, or Nordic Gods. I am simply only outlining the omniscience of love and light.

The gospel of St.Thomas writes how ¨male and female becomes one¨ in this New Age of Aquarius where Attar (Ashtar) is the new Maitreya. Why? Because Aquarius is a hermaphrodite like Attar. No man carried water in the ancient world. Jesus told us to follow into the house of Aquarius in Luke 22:11. Of course it`s symbolism! The next Jesus is the magus of Aquarius!


Bridging the opposites


That man has travelled to the moon, but still battle with loneliness deprived of caring, compassionate love, and sexual stimuli is strange, considering how much more enlightened the ancient were. This births prestigious, shallow individuals seeking acknowledgement. Through what we discovered of love and light:

  1. The Abrahamic God is androgynous.
  2. Creation is polarized in male-female opposites.
  3. And the purpose of life is becoming whole again (through love)
  4. And thus creating new life.

Being loving, and having sex for the creation of children is thus reuniting the God-spark of female, and male to become GOD in the moment of orgasm: When God creates a new life in the womb.


The law of love, and light teaches us that sex is the most sacred act, and must not be defiled. It is the act of creation, and in it we thus metaphorically become Gods again through uniting the divisions in creation. It can lead to mystical union with God.

A human`s lust is directly proportionate to once power, creative ability, and power to do good and care. Love must always be connected to lust. It must be utilized, and expressed to create a healthy, respective environment. If chained, one looses ones power, and that is what happened to me.

All humans need human contact, love, and also sex. It is most sacred, and must be kept within the sacred morals of love and light. Compassion, freedom and acceptance. One should not have orgies!!! Nor sacred prostitutes. Sex is however therapeutic, and can heal ones aura, broken heart, and damaged emotions. Love, and sex is healing, and scientifically very healthy for you, but must remain connected with the divine aspects of love like romance, care and liberation. Can you argue for the existence of sacred prostitutes? Not in a Christian theology, but seeing the depraved lusts of the sex-hungry world: Life-giving, sacred, aura-healing prostitution is the best of two evils, and an inevitable, needed evolution. With a culture of pornography: It is un-natural for humanity to not have teachings on the sacredness of love and light. The teachings of this book is necessary for the mental health, happiness, and well-being of future humanity. Doesn`t everyone want to be happy?


The eternal law of the universe: Source, Love and light.


The of life, and goodness in this universe can be summarized in one paragraph to meditate upon.


Source (field) , Love, and light is the sacred trinity creator (source of life) nothing would exist without. Source is God – all timespace, and forces of physics. Light is Jesus the Sun. Love is the Holy Ghost dove. They love each other; creating all life. For the prime emotion of the source-field is love. Love and light symbolize our compassion/morale and intellect/will. These are divine attributes of man that scientifically distinguish us from animals. We thus see we are made in the creator`s image as his children. Combine love and light, and you get morale. The eternal moralistic law also happens to be the very circle, and principle of life. Light makes flowers of love spread new seeds for a new sun the next year. Just as God is ever merciful with his light. This is the law of civilization and the lesson for all the universe to graduate. The truth finally revealed through Jesus Christ.


How did I discover this? It was Jesus who led me, and told me to write this book. Consider my teaching love, and light sacred as a new gospel of Jesus.

I have split the law in two as it applies both to the humanist atheists, and the spiritual concept. (The religious)

This is the eternal law of the universe for all humanists (all the world), and for all time: To create a perfect world. Ok?

The law for pagans: Love, and light shall be the whole of the law.

I call it ¨the law of the Aquarian child.¨

Light is the intellect seeks universal equilibrium of understanding through research of truth shedding lies.

Love compassion, care, respect, and the heart.

Combine them, and you create morale. You also create life just like the light of the man impregnates the womb; creating a God. Learn to combine heart and intellect. Learn to unite opposites. Through utilizing your mind, and your heart: You become like Gods, but not in a bad way.




Gandalf - Love is the answer