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Bill Jenkins

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Discover how the state covers up fusion-reactor technology, and much more!


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Hermeticism: The hope for a renaissance of Christianity?

Knowledge is power. But knowledge also corrupts. Much has been attributed to the idol of Hermes. Pride rules Norway, and the world; falling into deceit by gnosticism, and the New Age crowleyanity. The world of morale fades away because no good, Christian men guarded sacred knowledge. Take the step.

Discover how you came into being! The source field physics.

Are we living inside the matrix of a super-conscience?

Dr Msaru Emoto discoveres the homeopathic effect

Dr Luc montagnier, and Dr James DeMeo also discovers how water stores dna memory very efficiently, almost in a magical way, as seen above: Demonstrating the spiritual nature of our universe.

Dr Demeo (orgonelab) replicates Wilhelm Reich`s discoveries of biogenesis

Read my books, or David Wilcock`s Source-Field investigations. Here we see the Darwinian theory busted by bion biogenesis. We evolved from miniscule oval vesicles called bions. The buildingblocks between organic, and inorganic life. Which spontaneously generate out of the all-permeating ETHER.

The Fibonacci sequence, and the Golden Ratio - proof of intelligent design?

Another nail-in-the-coffin for atheists.

Pyramid Technology could save lives

My favorite lecturer, and alliance hero, mr David Wilcock explain Alexander Golod`s pyramids, and their benefits.

Proof of Intelligent Design

A video I made to ensure awakening the masses. This is fascinating.

Harry Rhodes` Etheric Translator

Harry Rhodes etheric translator/cloudbuster design is based on that of James Trevor Constable, and ended the 9 year California draught. This weather-modification cannot be stopped by HAARP weather-modification. CLOUDBUSTING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!!! Please see

Weather modification technology

Haarp (High Active Auroral Research Program) and chemtrails (not con-trails) control the climate.

Water/hydrogen powered cars

This could save the car industry, environment, and has been kept hidden for 100 years.

The Joe Cell. Evidence you can run your car on water!

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My friend Thomas J Brown at a New Earth conferance

Thomas was the best friend of previously mentioned etheric rainmaker, and author Trevor James Constable. Join the new earth project today at !!! Create private-schools of philosophy, science and spirit today! Forge your future!

Thomas goes in detail about how magical WATER is! Don`t miss this one!

Flying platforms

The secret of the ancient Egyptians? Gravity is explained at Gaia by David Wilcock! Due to advancements in new-age-science, we will have a disclosure!

Paul Stamets - nature`s hero

Mushrooms also share a similar cellular structure to us humans. That is why pencillin is effective. Mushroom research WILL save lifes. Stand up for Stamets!

I made this video to educate you against cancer

This is a must see. It discoveres all competing forms of treatment that should be implemented to save lives.

THC, and CBD can kill 9 types of cancer.

This is due to the cannabis-receptors in our cells. Various dosages of THC, and CBD can kill different types of cancer. The dosage should be injected to the rectum and increased over time. Combined with a healthy, green, alkaline diet. Remember: If nature causes a problem, then nature has a cure.

Royal Raymond Reiss cured cancer in the 30`ies.

Using ressonant radiofrequencies.

No disease, and eternal life

IF we forge the future for ourselves