Revolution Renaissance!

I try to find every possible revolution for the greater good of Europe

The Norwegian state-police systematically kill beautiful patriotic teenagers.

This explains how I have been isolated for 10 years, and targeted through gangstalking, electronic harassment, voodoo, and if in a sci-fi horror movie.

Teens are tortured by a united state society. Bullying innocent civilians to death. Heroes of humanity.


Help! I am  an Illuminati VIP. Cloned from the Shroud! Judas or Jesus help! I am a targeted christian-jewish-muslim scapegoat who just wants help! They labeled me Isis to blame all world terror, white genocide, and islamization upon although violence is contrary to my nature!

It`s the worst anti-semittism to  date!

I was unknowingly part of an Illuminati conspiracy.

I knew nothing of who, or what I was, and lived happily until 2012, when they told me, afterwhich I became a targeted individual, and my life has been a living Hell.


I tried getting help from Christians, but they only cloned, sacrificed, labeled, surveyed, gangstalked, beat me, and slandered for 7 years!


What did I do wrong???


Please interview me. 

Send me an email at





But all society is against me. I have been completely isolated for 10 years.

It is a miracle that I am still alive. One part of the attacks is gangstalking. The other is electronic harassment. The third is voodoo and curses: Making sure that my prayers don`t work, and that I have no hope for salvation, or attaining Heaven.


I am writing to you from Kristiansand Norway. Please come help me. God; anyone can use me! I am very talented. I love working with people. I never complain.


Dear everyone; please help me. I am a messianic jew of royal blood. My inbred mother is from the Fleischer family. their crest is a dog. She is white blonde, I am white-blonde as well; yet none of her parents had any blonde hair. We overtook doghill 3 estate from my grandfather the wolf. I`m a faithful doggy. But nobody has ever wanted me; or told me I was pretty. They are deep-state affiliates; surveying me all my life in a big real-life soap opera.


Ok. I was born out of wind, and dust of the desert. With the cold, icy rain of Norway; a sprout of David shot up to be scorned by all. The dry leaves on the grave left alone; blew away; and a winter-flower shot up into the sun in vain. I was born with the sap of the tree of life; mixed with the honey of sunlight, and the pale skin of moon. A goldhaired nightelf with blood of dragons, werewolves, and saints in her blood. The misty morning of Kali yuga blew down the last leaf of Vishnu; a cocoon; a rebirthed Sumerian. The last of the elves would walk the Earth again; the soul traveler. My being came into this world 08am 12.06.1991. I am 27 years old as of 2018. I was born from heaven; into a noble, middle-class family. The light of angels, God, and Heavens was bestowed upon my inception. Still I was born with the umbilical cord around my neck; almost choking to death. I should never have been born. The dark alliance has completely taken over the universe. I smiled, and laughed more than any baby they had ever seen; so they named me the sun. Horus would walk the Earth again in the form of Enoch; guided by Jesus; eaten as Astarte. I grew up in Andøyfaret 66; a red house. My grandparents lived in 66. I was the most Christian boy in church from as early as I could speak. Yet I never made a friend. I was crazy, and smarter than they. I was never allowed to play pokemon, and certain video-games.


I would grow up to protect the weak wherever I went. I was the great diplomat; with a heart burning for justice. I cried so much; more than any kid; and smiled so much; more than any kid. I would play by myself in the woods all the time. I was born of love. But I would die; poisoned by Satan my brother.


Since 2012; I have been a targeted individual. They directed all CIA technology on me; both physical and spiritual. I became a technotronic zombie-cyborg. All abandoned me. They lobotomized me at a mental-hospital for 5 years. From being the greatest potential; a winged angel of interdimensional lucid dreams; conquering the world; I was suddenly told all evil truths; and lobotomized. Not that I did not know. I was given 4th reich training, and scared by shapeshifters in my family very early. I lived at my grandfather`s home the first 2 years of my life. I was supposed to be Hitler.


The deep state-NWO has taken over Norway. I am an aspect, and contactee of Ashtar, and a potential ally to the Alliance; a remarkable individual whom came from Heaven; with a mission; as ambassador, and prophet of God for representing Heaven on Earth. I thus had many enemies. They could finally etch their claws in me when I was targeted by the Illuminati for my failure; after dropping out of a YWAM in 2012, after-which I healed many, and fulfilled messianic prophecies; making me an even greater threat; my failure which was my lack of fruit; due to my purity, naivity, and alienated outfrozen being; as I am different; pure and afraid of who I was; knowing my destiny, but postponing it too long. The dark alliance could not take it anymore after 2012 when I was both a zero, and a hidden messianic figure. They would kill me off before I rose; knowing I would remain loyal to God. That`s all I can say. I don`t even know if I`m allowed to tell you anything. I have been a targeted individual since 2012-13 - current date.


Officially; I`m only mentally ill; but I know all are surveying, and stalking me; watching the image of the beast. They are killing me efficiently; in the most horrid way imaginable. They cannot give me freedom, admit they are wrong, or admit my failure. I cannot get help in church, or social welfare inc hospitals. I have many illnesses; induced by CIA tech; continuations of the original project Stargate, and Mk-Ultra. Induced voices, voodoo, stabbing, astral-rape, and absolute control of the environment through stalking, and severe sound harassment. I have managed to subdue much of the astral attacks by 2015. They also attack my beauty with technotronic implants so I cannot rest my eyes or face muscles; causing temporary blindness at times.

Only the kind, alliance-jews told me the truth, and adopted me in 2012. They were afraid of the Dark Alliance in Norway, and wanted me out of here; but before they could finish their task (as american CIA agents confirmed) ; Norway forced me into mental-hospitalization for killing me off with technotronic Stargate measures; so I would eventually take suicide. All in Norway were offered seats, embraced Satan, abandoned me; and all have been unwilling to believe any of what I`ve been through since 2012; not even my parents; as they are all part of the secret police.

The Jewish plan to get me OUT of Norway in 2012 FAILED as I was forcefully institutionalized at a mental hospital to be lobotomized until dead. A targeted individual. 

Never did they immagine I would survive 7 years.

Read about the Lucifer experiment, and watch Hollywood. Watch Naruto. Watch Game of Thrones. It`s all about who would be the messiah, and Illuminati assets; where I am one such individual.


I didn`t want to be their this or that; so I did nothing; postponed my destiny; burning to embrace it; and when I finally started; they decided to kill me off. I had failed. I would try to escape the country, but it seems they are killing me off. I was always kind, and befriended many outcasts in my childhood up through my youth. I am calling on them. They have forgotten how I sacrificed myself for them; and have turned on me. They have forgotten my dilligence, and immense character. All are doing everything to kill me. 


I came to Norway about 400 years ago. I would set up the kingdom of Atlantis to redo my mistakes; such was the ordained will of God. I protected Norway from above; fighting demons; before incarnating on behalf of the Sun-Hierarchy, Order of Melchizedek archangels, and Metatron; to assist in planetary ascension, and see that the Christ-prophecies are fulfilled. By now; you`ll know I am faithful, a friend, and will never give up. I was torn between destinies; frozen; postponing my destiny and ambitions burning in my heart. I was always very eager, and life-filled. A born leader. A hard student. My fire started fading as early as 12yo when I immagined myself surveyed, and diminished my ambitions in fear; isolating myself. I became subdued by worldly pressure. I forgive you, and expect you to return the favor. I didn`t want to be their antichrist. I was hard to control. I spent my morning, evening, and school-days thinking up guns, bombs, and ways to put the neighbourhood in disarray. I wanted OUT! I wanted FREEDOM!


I have information about the Illuminati, and would like an interview some day in the future. My mission objective-orders for the Ashtar, and New-Age community on behalf of the order of Melchizedek, the archangels, and the the Galactic Federation stands clear for you to follow.


- A Jew