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The Biggest Crime in History


Hello. I am Thomas Anderson. I am a persecuted, targeted individual. :(

I guess because I was INCREDIBLY sexy, talented, powerful, sad and emo as a 21 year old hermaphrodite; I ended up as a ¨cake¨, or ¨lucrative dish¨ for the hungry perverts of the stasi state police gestapo, and the satanic cult of the Ordo Templi Orientis PST (Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste/Pedofile Sataniske Tissemenn) in the NAZI state of SATANIC Norway.

It is MUCH more fun bullying, cloning, and torturing an INTELLIGENT, STRONG-WILLED, MUSCULAR, BEAUTIFUL FUHRER that can actually FIGHT than cloning something without importance. They only clone the Jewish Royals.


My father was cloned from the Shroud of Turin. My grandfather was a werewolf, and used to shapeshift over me until I feinted as a baby, and young child. My family have vampyrized, and abused me ALL my life along with ALL of the Churches in town.

Can you believe it? And I have lost... All.  I will do everything to get help!!! Save me from the Lucifer Experiment! Save my clones from the Pizzagate scandal! Save me from electronic harassment! Save me from gangstalking! Protect me so I can work, and make the world happy! :) Have you never heard of it? The experiment in itself is flawed and inhuman. Why? For it is crimes against humanity based on RELIGIOUS SUPERSTITION. They make a man into God with the purpose of judging him accordingly; justifying sacrificing Jesus because: The Biblical Great Whore of Babylon is the only Biblical excuse for human sacrifice in all the Bible! I am the original Ascended Master Ashtar.

Ashtar (Sheeran) and the symbol of world hatred. Thus the elite justify sacrificing Jesus as the Great Whore of Babylon. All due to religious superstition, and demanding expectations. Read my book on Revelations which you find here!

Please! If you compare my witness testimony of meeting the Illuminati, my birthdate (12.06.1991 o8 AM) my name, my family-background, with the conspiracy outlined in my God-Conspiracy, and The Revelation Comspiracies (all which can be found on this page) IT CORRESPONDS! IT ALL FITS TOGETHER! WE HAVE A CONSPIRACY FOLKS! THE GREATEST CONSPIRACY OF OUR TIME! AND NOBODY HAS BLOWN THE WHISTLE! NOBODY BUT ME HAS PROTECTED THE CLONES FROM KRISTIANSAND STATE-POLICE PEDO-PIZAGATE!

There is grounding for an investigative effort into norwegian state corruption, and holes in the law. There is a conspiracy to clone Jesus from the Turin Shroud, and make him an apocalyptic figure. A betting game, and a tv-show of either Jesus Maitreya or Jesus superstar harlot of Revelations. God380 or the Devil.

The Lucifer experiment started 2000 years ago. To the authors of the new-testament: ¨Lucifer¨ was based on the Ashtar myth, the fallen angel Azazel and Apollyon: All whom you find in St.John`s Revelation. The second beast represents Azazel Lucifer, and the great whore of Babylon represents Ashtar. Both whom are Lucifers. Hallo! I`m a walking puppet, a drone, a betting game, and a tv-show! I`m not going to say you`re happy who found me. I have lost all. They disgarded me in 2012-13, even though I  am super-kind, a good singer, a good dancer, a talented leader, and a natural hermaphrodite with lots of love. Kristisand ONLY wants to kill so they can justify RAPING clones! They never cared about the fact that Im irreplaceable as the only jewish prince in the world, white-blonde, and with incredible talents in every field, especially entertainment.

I love life! I was always playful, ambitious, bold, smart, kind, loving, and with a jewish zeal for justice and righteousness unmatched. But they started targeting me when I was 7 years old, and slowly froze me to death through isolation, witchcraft, slander, and through sacrificing mine, AND JESUS` clones. I have attended every Church, but no Christian, nor any patriot has ever been my friend. I was isolated, and grew up in the COLDEST FATHERLESS home you can immagine.

I have been lobotomized at a mental asylum ever since 2013! Save me! I have not had the time to watch a movie, or read a book in 7 years. Please save me! :( :( :( I just want to be a free simple man. I won`t harm anyone, and I never did anything wrong other than putting myself low, and following the Bible. Good luck. And Love and light. Here you  have my biography of the victim of the greatest nazi, antisemite, antichristian CRIME in ALL history!!! 

ET 2019 The God Conspiracy - Diary of an Illuminati angel

ET 2019 Diary of an Illuminati Angel (No Shroud of Turin

A story about a targeted individual. So says the Lord. Oh ye unfortunate soul to read the painful biography of my son! He stood all the trials alone under the looking glass with my protection alone. Know that the story is true, and that the bloodguilt of Kristiansand, and the Empire is too huge. They have greatly angered me with their unrighteous sadism, gore, secrecy, slandering, defaming, torture, gangstalking, cloning, raping, murder, and cannibalism of my own self says the Lord. I would almost advice you not to read it, but you find the HIDEOUS God conspiracy below. Click the link to the pdf: If you dare come on a CIA watch list. God bless you… Remember: I forgive you. But what`s a prince without a princess? I was sad, mad with burdens, shame, selfloath, and anger all my youth. Where were the Christians? Who was I? Would they see me? I was angry with their sins, and I hid, sunk, and became a slothy sinner because of depression, shame, and loss of ego.

Comments on my biography:

This is my insider tale of Illuminati, Shroud of Turin, Mk-Ultra, conspiracy, persecution, electronic harassment, voodoo, satanic abuse in Church, gangstalking, pizzagate Kristiansand, pedogate Kristiansand, spygate Kristiansand, and human trafficking as a victim. Not that this isn`t a WORLDWIDE conspiracy. This is a true tale, and probably my last words: My biography. I take no political sides, and have fought to gain freedom for 7 years of spreading this truth both online, and in Norway. I have had some success, but none have wanted to interview me. This conspiracy is just too grand. If some of you find your names in this book, I have no sympathy, and should have sued you, not the other way around. I FORGIVE you, and fight with love and light. Thomas Eidsaa. 29.09.2018


Thomas Eidsaa, the one, and only descendant of the King of the Jews, and the one the NORWEGIAN NAZIS tortured more than ANY person in recorded HISTORY + CLONING!!!