Revolution Renaissance!

I try to find every possible revolution for the greater good of Europe

Who, and WHERE ARE the REAL Illuminated ones?!?


Welcome to the Aryo-Christian Brotherhood of Light.

An Invitation to all guardians of the Atlantean Aryans.

Dette er det Røde Kristne Lysets Brorskap. Illuminati Norge. DIREKTE ledet av Stormesteren av Apostlene, og det Store Hvite Brorskap av Engler, og Ascended Masters.

This is the Red Christian Brotherhood of Light. Illuminati Norway. DIRECTLY led by the Grandmaster of the Apostles, and the Great White Brotherhood of Angels, and Ascended Masters. (!!!)

Our teachings can be found in: ¨An Ode to the Sun and Morningstar.¨ Dedicated to the acrononym; her Majesty Catherina THE Great (unknown Norwegian goddess) Miguel Serrano, and Trevor James Constable.

Dedicated to the Vrillon of  the Ashtar Galactic Command whom secretly hide, but whom have had MAJOR alien contacts with me! WOW! And of INCREDIBLE spiritual potency=purity. Truthfully.

I made these books as an effort for freedom in a caged condition. I have many websites, and have tried being a Jew, being a nationalist, and now I made you a Christmas present. Perhaps someone will find me, and libe-rate me from the oppression of being a targeted individual.

Cheers! :) Tommyboy

What is the REAL Illuminati???


The Illuminati is the solar brotherhood of the snake, as simple as that. It has been Sumerian, Egyptian, Canaanite, and lately Roman and Jewish as today... Yet they have betrayed their roots, betrayed God, and turn to Set/Satanism which is the BLACKbrotherhood, not the SOLAR brotherhood. That`s why Im here to clear the mess. If you want to destroy your enemy; you must hijack, and change their religion/belifs/nations. That`s what the Black Brotherhood did to both the Illuminati, AND the Lucifer figure. We reverse that, and take back our rights, or more correctly; my bloodline family right...

Most people have heard about the Illuminati but not of the Luminari. They are the two great forces that battle for control, the Illuminati is the Solar brotherhood, the brotherhood of light whilst the Luminari is the Luna brotherhood, the brotherhood of darkness.

During the golden ages the solar brotherhood bring enlightenment to the masses whilst during the dark ages the Luminari bring all the opposites characteristics. Contrary to what the masses believe it is not the solar illuminati brotherhood that control the world but the Luna dark brotherhood of the Luminari. The Solar brotherhood use the colour red and the metal gold in their symbolism whilst the Luna brotherhood use the colour blue and the metal silver in their symbolism.

Essentially the solar brotherhood are the Aryans and follow the ancient Indo-European sacred traditions. The Luna brotherhood are the kabbalists which in fact is the teachings of the Solar brotherhood perverted and reversed. It is the blue lodges And the red lodges

At the moment the Luminari who have their headquarters in Israel have the world in their grasp but it will not last, the solar brotherhood the brotherhood of light will displace them. The goal of the luminari is to destroy the Aryan peoples which is why these people head the political movement to flood predominantly European country's with immigrants. It is a bloodline war, the descendants of the Elohim and the descendants of the Adamus (the test-tube created slaves) It is the force of darkness against the force of light.


Who was Odin?

Who is Odin/Wotan? An alternative perspective

The Illuminati originally symbolized something magical and wonderous... That time has come again!

Velkommen med kyss og klem!


We are the Christian-patriotic Illuminati Ministries. Will you help?

A DEAR invitation for ANYONE to join Brotherhood of Light! For over 250 generations; my family have guarded the secrets of the Illuminati. Since the dawn of CIVILIZATION. The Illuminati has always been an aryan sun-cult. Originally Roman Catholic... And Jewish before that. And Egyptian before that.

Illuminati ministries are conservative biblical Christians. And that will never change. Because we`re enlightened. We are etheric scientists and perfectibilists. We have no compromise towards non-facts, and half-way solutions like f.i non-Christian religions, or the idea of reincarnation.

The Sun-Children - the Chosen People.

Our blonde hair has always historically been associated with Holiness, Purity, Divinity, and God`s Light - the Sun as f.i in European art, Rome and Greece.

Our blue eyes symbolize the pure blue heavens, mild peace and intellect.

Our fair velvet skin symbolize Holiness and Purity.

Ethnic norwegians have 1/10 of the crime statistics in all Scandinavians countries. Yes you heard me. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. Muslims in particular rape TEN TIMES more often than an ethnic Norwegian. STOP WAR so we can STOP immigration. Illuminati Ministries do not blame poor immigrants who flee from the wars the JEWS financed. Just like they financed WW1 and WW2, put the Belford Declaration in place, and have created civil unrest in all the west ever since WW2.

Look inside. Seek Christ. Meditate, and I am sure both blacks, whites, and yellows will realize what our NWO politicians, and their immigrants are doing to us is 1 historically wrong, 2 wrong in terms of logic and statistics, 3 and wrong in terms of philosophy, reason and humanism. Yes. That`s right. This is a white-Christian nation JUST like God intended it to be. Muslims rape and kill us. That is a fact, or just what do ISIS do; Build Churches? No. Muslims vandalize, rape, and chop of our heads without the media reporting on it. Oh, and THAT is a FACT.

Is it not BEAUTIFUL to be able to BE what you ARE. To LOVE yourselves as what God made you: A beautiful Aryan. There is NO shame in doing so. Through loving ourselves, we learn to love others. Oh how I love negroes. That is a FACT. There is NO problem with different ethnicities as long as we are CHRISTIAN. But we are called to LOVE OURSELVES, and protect DIVERSITY just the way God made us. NOT create Nimrod`s Tower of Babel. The New Babylon.

Are we not allowed to see ourselves as God`s People? Would it be better if we saw ourselves as NOT being holy and peaceful??? Or do you feel oppressed because YOU do not have these attributes?

Truthfully: Jesus tells us GOD has given all people`s beautiful attributes according to his will and plan, and it is not the outside that matters, but the INSIDE. Who would burn more in Hell: A white or a black? Nevertheless: GOD has MADE US WHITE, just like you were perhaps made BLACK. Christianity is ISRAEL not NIMROD`S TOWER OF BABEL NWO where all languages, ethnicities, cultures, religions, and differences are extinct. God made everyone different, and unique so that the world will be more beautiful.

I am called as an angel to preserve the norwegian people, culture, language, history, religion, border, and ethnicity AGAINST such an UNBIBLICAL TOWER OF BABEL.

I have never been a racist, and will never be. All are MORE than welcome to this Church of Light.

Our Millenium Plan.

We work for the Plan of the Great White Brotherhood to create a non-polarized eternal world, but have broken out, because our own Illuminati is strong enough. Our race, and Powers are more important than the Plan.

These two are at threat because the Illuminati has been overtaken by the black brotherhood (Satanic Jews and Muslims), Christianity`s enemy, and they HATE blonde-angelic-purity - the Children of the Sun. They destroy these two on the excuse of creating a non-polarized world. But what about Jewish supremacy?

The sacred balance of polarity between the Illuminati, and the Luminari is threatened by this non-polarized New World Order. God is against the New World Order`s SATANIC religion, and it`s attack on WHITES. Aside from that; most of the plan is arguable. Our ambition is a Christian World Order where there is no need for wars to mix races, and destroy cultures. We are against multiculturalism, and a mixture of demographics.

The Illuminati RED-BROTHERHOOD has long guarded TRUTH. The Luminari BLACK-BROTHERHOOD is our teachings perverted. Without Christ; these Jewish, and Islamic moon-cults of Allah, Sin, and Isis have: NO TRUTH! Because SCIENCE shows there is NO SALVATION other than through Christ ALONE! Now THAT is Illumination!

Our Goals.

The goal for our Illuminati is to reach universal brotherhood, and enlightenment not in the future, not after killing half the population, but today through a revolution renaissance that is going to awaken Europe, and the Church into a eternal Christian golden age!!! This should be any upright person`s goal. The goal of any evolved soul and mind...

We will be the only sun-temple left in the World - keeping it`s mysteries - open for peoples of all tribes and nationalities.

Oops! Hva skjedde??? Blandet alle de blonde og rødhårede seg ut??? Vi er ett vakkert, snilt, og fredelig folk. You`ll regret it when our race is extinct, and the world will be much less beautiful, and diverse missing these unique flowers of the creator. It will never be the same again. Our goal is to preserve the aryan race.

Our Racial Beliefs.

We are the aryan Illuminati. But we are loving, and not racists at ALL, because we are CHRISTIANS. Read our books on love! We want NOTHING more than to welcome ALL to to rebuild elvish Atlantis, and protect the Aryan race! I know several honorable blacks who are more patriotic than most norwegians. Our blonde, brown-haired, and red-haired is the most diverse, and distinct in the world, but has NEVER been in such TERRIBLE DANGER! Pure souls of all races realize this danger, and feel sorry for them.

Why Illuminati Ministries?

Illuminati ministries is the solutions to the problems in Norway, and the world, for we are perfectibilists, yet serve the people, and not the elite.

Illuminati ministries is the ONLY ministry that sees, and addresses the threat of dying nationalism while still being Christian, loving and including.

All other nationalist movements in the western world has failed where we WON`T. I will now argue why, and how for the rest of this chapter:

All right-wing political parties in Norway support Israel to gain Christian voters. We don`t, because of the proof of Israel`s religious, political, media and military terror funded by the Rothschilds, CFR, etc; a cultural elite, a technologic elite, and a MONETARY elite NWO, to which there is nothing but proof. These are conspiracy groups. The Bilderberg group have secret meetings with world leaders, yet have no media outlet, and that is the definition of conspiracy REALITY not theory. As such: Many of our elected officials should be prosecuted by state law, or matrial law declared.

Why Illuminati ministries? Alliansen is a political micro-party, and the only right-wing party in Norway which tells the truth about America, Israel, and the cabal/lobby/NWO. Yet their leader Hans Jorgen Lysglimt Johannesen is not a good at rhetorician, and directs unprofessional accusations without statistics, quotes, books, or proof that is immediatly labeled ¨antisemitic hatespeech¨ by the media. Illuminati ministries love our enemies, understand them, and are only concerned about professional factuality, and will incessently write books.

Why Illuminati Ministries? The Nordic Resistance movement is a repropate, one-eyed, violent nazi group who put their faith in the past, yet Hitler will not save them, and as such they are dead. They are easily labeled by the very media they hate, create controversy, and RUIN the public image of a ¨a nationalist.¨ They are enraged over loosing their country, and lost their intelligence as well. They cannot strategize, or think of realistic options, loving their enemies, making compromise, and thinking of half-way solutions/goals. It would have been better if they joined the more peaceful Alliansen, and involved themselves in politics, tried to INTEGRATE our new-citizens etc, just like we do.

Why Illuminati Ministries? Both the Nordic Resistance, Vigrid, and Alliansen are viking-pagan idealists, and is thus no option to follow, as saving souls is the only REALITY that matters. Nor can they win back Norway, since mostly ALL of our nationalists ARE Christians. Yet the State-Church, the Catholic-Church, and all other churches has failed Christian nationalists, and have sold the Christian west to the NWO Babylon chaos-whore simply because they didn`t care.

Why Illuminati Ministries? Christians WOULD rebel, but don`t know HOW because there are no nationalist elements in the Bible, and thus no nationalist Church. On the contrary: The New Testament CLEARLY tells WE are the true Israelites who must fight for the Church`s existance. We are NOT fighting AGAINST any people-group, ethnicity or nation. We are the perfectibilist Church of Love and Light. We are simply scientists fighting IDIOCY like Islam, not any ethnicity. That is not Christianity. In fact: We are passifists, and NEVER take up swords fighting AGAINST. That is not the civilized, 21st century, humanistic, Christian way. We only DEFEND, and fight FOR peope, never against people. That is not love. We protect the PEOPLE from themselves, and the illegitimate state. We ONLY fight with science, love and light.

Why Illuminati ministries? Because our revolution includes everyone. See the People`s Army`s Battleplan for Revolution. We are realists, and have no sick ambition of somehow miraculously (or destructively) getting rid of any ethnicity. HERECY!!! REPROBATES!!! SCUM!!! We are truth, and truth alone. We therefore want to give truth to all peoples of all nations, because a monetary, cultural, and technologic elite monopolize knowledge about medicine that could have served the people, and cured all illness. Which is our main goal: Eliminate hunger, starvation, and disease on a global basis through enlightening the public. Thus the state will serve us, not the other way around, as it should be.

Why Illuminati ministries? Because we are absolute scientific truth, and truth is eternal. God. Light expells all darkness. Thus we are perfectibilist non-compromise to imperfection with a REALISTIC battle-plan for Christian WORLD DOMINATION. If that`s not YOUR goal as well, then you are not a Christian per say. The proofs of miracles, the source-field, sacred geometry, and the measurement of Christ will save a generation not willing to believe unless they see Christ as St.Thomas did.

Our End Goals. The goal of ANY perfectibilist Christian.

A Christian-Fascist state (for all races) through criminalizing the current ¨propaganda Empire¨ completed by an exposure, and enlightening campaign in media is our goal, and the hope of the world`s first FREE nation, ILLUMINATED nation, and PEACEFUL nation. There are no white countries left. There are no Christians countries left. The abovementioned goal is more of an absolute than it is a goal. For there is ZERO realistic potential for Christianity unless we this goal. We must strike while the internet media is still free, or forever be a Christian persecuted minority in a future New World Order.

Our Golden Hearts and Golden Hair Despair.

I am a natural response to uncontrolled mass immigration, and more specifically the islamization that follows. Ethnic norwegian birthrate vs immigration, and non-ethnic birthrate is down to 52%... We are already a minority in the cities. Consider us the same as native american indians. Will you fight for the Christian Aryan Clan? How long will we last? 50 years? 100 years? 200 years? Not more than 100 at max. Or perhaps you dare say that our hair has no value? That is the same as saying that people have no value!

We are the Sun-Children of God. A father of LIGHTS! His sons Illuminated through Christ!

Clearing black boxes in YOUR head.

You can`t come further from Enlightenment than Islam, which contradicts all human-rights, human potential, human sense, schoolars, historical accountsand other Abrahamic accounts etc. Islam was started by the Vatican (...) Thought I`d let you know... They got the name of God right though.

Lucifer isn`t evil!

Making Satan INTO our God Lucifer IS evil!

Lucifer isn`t Satan! Lucifer is Deus Lux. God is a light-god!

The heretics who misinterpret the Bible, and do not understand it, nor the times, history, or sacred tradition are disbelievers. Jesus was worshipped as Lucifer by the early Church, and even up to today. The name of Lucifer has been TAINED if you read my book.