Revolution Renaissance, back to the future.

Every possible REVOLUTION to destroy the monetary BEAST system.

Questions and answers:

Who we are.

We are a Norwegian grassroot movement with origin and support from the Alliance party, onlyresultscount, the Vatican and UBUNTU on the initiative of E.T (me)

The purpose and goals of the NNR.

Goal number 1. To meet, exchange and explore Nordic culture, history and origin through regional communities called ¨The Tribe¨ or ¨tribes¨ (after Nordic custom and tradition) and local communities called ¨the longhouse¨ (after the house of the Viking chieftain) where members may take one new middle name (by Nordic custom) who describes their personality and/or physical traits, as the Vikings did. We are as such a gentle, happy, warm, non-racist, loving, national-romantic company with a focus on social cosiness as a mental support contact for lonely wolves.

Goal number 2. We will form a media company for both mainstream and alternative Nordic Culture, Archeology and History, with the goal of publishing a magazine once a month.

Goal number 3. As part of the vision of Michael Tellinger's UBUNTU, Sacha Stone's New Earth Nation, and with the ambition of self-sufficient societies and private schools, we see nothing against writing a reform of all science including history, physics and cosmology as we believe the current unified fields of schools are consciously constructed with holes we believe are obvious to one who simply sees David Wilcock's Wisdom Teachings at the alternative media agency at, for instance…

3.2 build a model for the future through a permanent residential reserve, especially for the endangered light-blonde and red-haired tribe / ethnicity with independent laws, private schools, our own technology and medicine development, our farming/garden-planning/ecology and our own electricity, as well as an export agreement of these resources, which is our demand for the aforementioned racist threat, and the discrimination of our people, and that Norway was united under Catholicism and Kingship by sword without the tribes' acceptance. As a personal, threatened light-blonde elf, an ethnicity that will statistically soon disappear under the sea of racism, I wish, and have always wanted to create something as peaceful as a Rivendell, for why should other ethnicities and religions idealize themselves and not us???

3.3 A goal of our native residential reserve is to restore and preserve the staggeringly different human phenotype seen in rapidly diminishing Nordic blonde, and red-haired populace, and restore their tribal identity and pride for the future. Similar to a Svalbard Seedbank of the human gene pool, gathering, and restoring the original Nordic tribes from across the country, or from across the western world. This tribe has historically been called the ¨Heavenly People¨; Those with bright blond hair (gold / light / sun / lion tribe (the lion is the only animal with blonde hair)) who were the last people to emigrate to the Nordic countries, in the pre-Middle Ages, from Turkey. So the blonde tribe is the Tribe of Heaven. We aim to also restore the real redheads (to be called the ¨fire tribe¨- the strain that historically dominated Eastern Norway with whole tribes of only redheads, but which were scattered after the Black Death. Thirdly, reserving those with black and brown hair: The silver tribe. (because they are white but have black hair and belong to the moon.) Not because they are a threatened minority, but because they are natives as well.

The redheads and blondes belong to the ancient ethnic-white cultures of the ancient Illuminati (from latin lux), while the brown and black hairs belong to Luminari. The ancient moon cult from Latin ¨Luna¨. In the NNR, we believe that Satan has plagiarized the term Illuminati and Lucifer, as darkness hiding in the light, while this false, historical Illuminati are in fact a materialistic financial empire of the Dark cult (the God Set) , not enlightened at all, and we believe that this Jesuit and Jewish impostor Illuminati see the blonde Nordic inhabitants, the God Horus (Lucifer / Light) and his Illuminati order, as his enemies of darkness, and has therefore made plagiarism by monopolizing the term Illuminati to make light dark and dark to light. This is our belief.

To defeat Jesus, Lucifer, and his Illuminati solar cult, the lobby belonging to Satan, plagiarizing Lucifer in a conspiracy through John Milton and Dante Alighieri, transformed the cult of light into the cult of darkness, turning Jesus into Lucifer, and Lucifer into Satan. Darkness always hides in the light. Satan had now officially become the angel of Light through bad interpretation of the Greek Septuagint Bible, either purposefully or not, which 2 Corinthians 11:14 warns us about. Darkness is dark, and light is light. Make up your mind.

We adapt the colours of the sun culture (Illuminati), the traditional red and gold (see, for example, the Knights Templar, Rome and the Vatican), while the moon culture (Luminari) wear white, blue and silver. (See EU, Israel etc)

This is our belief.

We see the blonde lions as the heavenly people, and believe blue eyes esoterically symbolize eternal youth (most babies have blue eyes), the colour of the sky, the deep water of the soul (the sea, the sea), while the blonde hair represents, and historically represented the sun god, the sun and light, like our skin. Thus: The Tribe of Heaven, or those who from Heaven came.

Where we stand politically and ideologically.

We have no unified political opinion in the NNR, but most of us favour the national-romantic, and ultra-liberal-anarchist (in the term traditional / economic liberalism all party Liberalists) survivalist communatiristic (peasants and hunters) political opinion, with the addition of contributionism as defined by Michael Tellinger`s UBUNTU as the ¨sharing of resources' natural value without involving a medium like money / currency.¨

Our view of religion.

Religiously speaking, we are inter-religious as long as you agree to the Lion's Law of Source, Love and Light / Fire as defined in the book ¨The Scientific Religion of the Sun, and the (ontological and metaphysical) law of source, love and Light¨. A scientific religion based on evolutionary creationism through bio bio-genesis demonstrated by Wilhelm Reich, and Dr. James DeMeo, a spiritual approach of the world of physics, astrology, and tribe unity: Source field / ether, love and light. We also believe in prehistoric Nordic (white, blonde and red-haired) battles, and advanced prehistoric Nordic shipping civilizations, most recently based in Egypt and Sumer, but also in South America to China and India. This ties into our religion as ¨Aryans. ¨

Research into the historical as well as prehistoric depths of our ancestral religiosity, linguistics, archeology, giant archeology, white and blonde giant mummies, and of course, our own approximate identical ethnicity (see e.g ¨Tut Ankh Amon¨) provides unequivocal evidence that our ancestors, the Vikings, were the last adherence to this global shipping empire ruled by an Aryan bloodline that our ancestors, most commonly referred to as the ¨ God`s priesthood¨ that ancient texts, and detailed alternative archaeology lies proof of. (see books of Zechariah Sitchin, Michael Tellinger, and Lara Atwood in her book ¨The Ancient Religion of the Sun, and the Lost Civilization of the Sun.¨)

We accept all religions that have ethnic affiliation to the Nordic countries and Europe, or have historically legitimate content in their sacred writings, as well as scientific, natural philosophical, metaphysical and ontological validity, including Asatru, Zuisme, my own religion of Source Love and Light, which does not have a name yet, Thelema, and the form of Messianic Judaism as I detail in my book Reformation of Christianity, regular Christianity, Gnosticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all religions other than Islam, which fall outside the validity test of the above-mentioned sciences, and is seen as a primitive retelling of pre-Islamic biblical stories that the dyslectic Muhammad (peace be upon him) historically had no relation to or qualification to report. (See Apostate Prophet on YouTube.)